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Evereclear strenght?

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I know that Everclear is sometimes recommended as the alcohol for french polish. In one youtube video I see the 95% alc version. The last time I checked here in Hawaii Everclear was not that strong, maybe about half that. Something about what they send here, I forget the details. Does it have to be the 95%? Do you think the denatured from the paint store would be better/as good as the 45% alc Everclear.
I used denatured alc on my first and so far only french polish and am pleased with the result.

Jul 01, 10 | 11:51 am
Rich Clark

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There are only a few states that sell the "good" Everclear. Georgia is closest to me and I know Colorado does also. Due to BLUE laws the distillery cannot sell it in many of the other states. You can do two things.. Either find a closer state (for you a long swim). Or you can see if you can apply for a permit to use the 95% in your state as a "finishing" product and buy it that way if they ship it all that way (maybe order it form he factory?) You'd be ordering a lot I suspect.

When I am up in Georgia I stock up on it but when I do not have any I use Box Store DNA and it works fine. The 95% does dissolve and dry faster IMHO.


Jul 04, 10 | 9:41 am

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Here in Colorado we get the "Good Stuff". I DOES make a difference...
my recipe is as follows:

1 shot for the french polish...
1 shot for ME...

1 shot for the french polish...

I've found that after 3-4 applications, the polish goes on much smoother and the guitar REALLY gets to looking GOOD! :) hahahahahaha...couldn't resist..

Jul 15, 10 | 7:53 pm

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