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My #2, a "00-17"
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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I purchased the kit from John Hall. John sent me some great red spruce bracing, which I proceeded to ruin. I bought some more bracewood from him, and shaped the second set, myself. I enjoyed doing that, and want to add another scratch step with each build, so that I work up towards a totally scratch guitar.

I started working on the french polish about two months ago.

I did the 'final' glazing about a week ago. Glued the neck on this past weekend, and glued the bridge on this week.

I was thinking I should wait a while, let the shellac cure, and rub it out so it was shiny. But after asking around, I hear that it's a good idea to do that, say, about a month from now. Wait around for a month?!? So I just went ahead and strung it up tonight. It felt great to get away from the finishing stuff and get back into something that I have an easier time with: setup. I'll buff it shiny with the Meguiar's polish, later.

It has a light and balanced feel to it. And a warm voice. It definitely has a little bit of that 30's Martin vibe, and some volume to it. And this is just the first day.

Good news, the truss rod works. It's a little tight, and I don't know why, but it works good.

I have more work to do, filing on the nut and saddle. But here it is.

Oops, that cloudiness you're seeing on my headstock is bone dust.

Jun 30, 10 | 7:02 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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LOOKS GREAT! I sure like the rosette, with the black rings. You did a good job on this one. Congrats!


Jun 30, 10 | 7:53 pm

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Great Job Martin! I love the 00's. It looks exactly like a 00-17 J. Cash loved and played a lot...very very cool!
What are those tuners?

Jun 30, 10 | 9:17 pm

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Beautiful work, Martin. I am particularly fond of the mahogany top Martin -17 series guitars. I might have to make something similar for my #2.

@RayRay: I believe those are Grover open back 18:1 Sta-Tite tuners. They're what I'm going to use on my #1.


Jul 01, 10 | 4:37 am
Ken C

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Martin, your guitar looks really nice! Well done. Love that size of guitar, and I'll bet it has a sweet sound in mahogany.

Nice work!!


Jul 01, 10 | 4:45 am

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Straight forward, No glitter/glamour. Just beautiful wood.
I really like your aproach. Great guitar Martin.


Jul 01, 10 | 8:24 am
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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Thanks everybody. The first guitar I built was a spruce/rosewood 000. It has had strings on it for a year. This guitar is more loud, live, and had more sustain on it's first day.

I made the braces very slender at the top, and left out the popsicle brace. I made it as close to an early 30's Martin as I could.

I've always been the kind of guy where once I experience something I like better, it's really hard for me to go back. But I have to give this guitar to the friend I made it for, six weeks from now. Ugh. Should be interesting. Maybe I'll be making another one like it for me, soon.

John Hall did the rosette. He really sent me some great sounding and great looking stuff for this one.

Jul 01, 10 | 8:41 am

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Well Done Martin!


Jul 01, 10 | 8:49 am
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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Yep, Frank, those are the grover 18:1 statites. they are a great value. John Hall sent me those, along with everything else.

John sent me everything that got used on this guitar, with the exception of the bone pins (LMI) and the cloth interior side strips (walmart).

Jul 01, 10 | 8:50 am

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Looks great Martin. Got a way to post a sound clip?


Jul 01, 10 | 5:24 pm

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Martin, This came out fantastic! The 'hog has a ribbon look to it. Nice stuff. This is a beautiful guitar. Your stain cam out great. Nice and even.

Jul 01, 10 | 7:18 pm
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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Thanks for asking. I'll put something together. My dad is visiting me for a week starting tomorrow. and I'm out of town for a week after that. I was going to fire up something tonight, but my mic preamp isn't working.

Jul 01, 10 | 7:26 pm
John B

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Great Job Martin! I've always wanted to do an all hog. This one may just give me the inspiration needed to dive in!

What are the differences in approaching the thickness-ing, bracing, voicing, etc of a hog top vs. spruce. There seems to be much less information on the process of using a mahogany top. Lack of the unknown has held me back from moving away from the spruce tops.
Congratulations again,

Jul 01, 10 | 8:06 pm
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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I didn't think of it differently. The top was thicknessed by John Hall. While I was shaping the bracing I was thinking of two things. First I wanted the bracing to have the same layout and to look like 30's Martin bracing. Second, I wanted the top to ring when I tapped. It. So I got the top ringing, but the bracing appeared a little big. I erred on the side of caution, and left them big-looking. Guys at mimf suggested keeping the height, but thinning the bracing some, "triangulating" them at the top. So I did. This way, after stringing it up, and playing it in, I could take more mass off the braces in the future with a finger plane.

Maybe mahogany wants a little more mass in the bracing, or maybe this particular top did. I don't know.

But I love the result I got. It's a very live guitar.

Jul 02, 10 | 5:25 am
Ken Hundley

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Nice Job! The more all-hog or all-one-wood guitars I see, the more I like them. I'll have to keep that in mind. I have plenty of Padauk, and getting more is cheap and easy.....maybe I'll try that?

Jul 02, 10 | 8:18 am

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Your braces have that distinctive "Henderson" look Martin, and I know the ribbon is close..(That's a compliment Buddy) and I wonder just how much that has to do with the sound of that guitar...VERY very cool!


Jul 02, 10 | 8:19 am

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Very tastefully done. Superb job!

Jul 02, 10 | 11:49 am

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Martin, I spent a lot of time this morning reading your 00-17 blog. It's encouraging to see someone else obsess over every little detail. Makes me feel almost "normal" =:)


Jul 03, 10 | 7:12 am

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I never thought I'd like an "all one wood" guitar. But this one is tremendous. Martin, ya done good. That is one beautiful guitar.
The selection of appointments was well thought out. Nicely done.

Jul 04, 10 | 4:56 pm

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Martin, I think you just did an amazing job on this build! I've said it before......but it just looks classy.

Do you know what material was used in the rosette? I've not noticed the gold rings before.

Jul 05, 10 | 8:01 am

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Oh, I meant to ask what wood the bridge is made from?

Jul 05, 10 | 8:02 am

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Martin, this is a beautiful guitar. When it is all said and done, would you use French polish again? As was stated above "tastefully done." IMO some of the greatest looking guitars have the most simple appointments. Well done and glad you are happy with it.

Jul 05, 10 | 5:22 pm
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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Thanks again, everybody. I will definitely do french polish again. I can't handle chemicals at all. french polish suits me, and I enjoyed the process.

my third (an all mahogany OM from John Hall) will be french polish. but i have a plan to send number 4 to joe white.

the bridge is EIR.

i did some small buffing tests on the back with a rag and some swirl remover. it looks really nice. this week my dad has been staying with me...he's an old wood guy, and he has a unique way with words. he says, "Yeah Mart, don't use the sponge pad, just wipe on it with a rag like you just did and buff it all out. that guy you're going to give this to is going to have an orgasm when he sees it!"

Jul 08, 10 | 3:59 am
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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just noticed Darryl's question about the gold rosette rings.

the rosette is white and black plastic. it looks yellowish mainly because of the amber shellac, but also because I did a poor job masking it while I stained.

Jul 08, 10 | 9:29 pm

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