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A new glue for attaching a bridge?
Kevin Sjostrand

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So tonight I glued on my bridge. Not a big deal in and of itself. However, this was a cocobolo bridge, and I've been concerned about getting a good glue bond, and what glue to use that would work best. I have LMI white glue, and Titebond I. I have never used hide glue. I used some epoxy on the building of the Coco body, but did not want to use it here on the bridge....clean up around the finish would be a mess I know.
So, what to do? I practiced on some scrap coco and pine with the LMI glue, cleaning the coco well with Acetone after freshly sanding it. Sanded the pine surface, making sure both surfaces were flat, and glued them up with plenty of squeeze out. After 24 hours, the bond was quite good, but I could hammer a putty knife into the joint, and eventually separated the pieces with very little wood tearing. This did not seem good enough to me. So, I went to the hardware store, and next to the Gorilla glue (another one I did not want to use), was a Loctite urethane glue called "Sumo Glue". It said it was similar to Gorilla, but did not foam up as much, and, dried an opaque white, and cleaned up with mineral spirits (which can be put on the nitro lacquer without harming it). I figured to give it a try, so I bought it. I did some practice again with this Sumo glue, and found that I could apply it sparingly, glue up the coco to the pine with minimal squeeze out that after about 10 minutes could be cut away with a spruce chisel stick, and then wiped with mineral spirts for a good clean joint. After 24 hour dry time, I could not break the joint without tearing wood, and it was the pine that gave.
Now, I know what you are thinking..........."Is he CRAZY?". Well perhaps. But the glue up went perfectly, cleaned up great. I know that this bridge will not ever be removed intentionally by conventional means. It will have to be routed off, but, this guitar is going to India. The top is going to swell up some, and I do not want this bridge popping loose under that tension, so, for this application, I think it was a good choice.

So if you want to glue your bridge on "permanently" for what ever reason, and you are glueing it over a nitro lacquer finish, Loctite Sumo Glue may be for you. However, test it first to be sure you are satisfied with the potential results.
When I get some pics up of the finished guitar you can see then how it turned out.

Just wanted to pass this along! Cheers.


Jun 29, 10 | 10:36 pm

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I had another project, not guitar related, that needed a quality bonding system..I picked up some..sounds like just what I need..
I have used Loctite products for many years and NEVER had one fail, I would suppose this one would be no different.
Thanks a lot for the share..

Jun 30, 10 | 1:40 pm

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