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Bleeding stain in my nice white binding.

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Dear forumites,

My first post for a while, and predictably I have a problem!

I've just bound a Strat body with StewMac white plastic binding. The body was to be red, so I masked off the binding with vinyl masking tape, applied three coats of stain, and then assumed that I could just remove the tape and scrape off the binding on the top and bottom face of the guitar. Not so.

The water-based stain appears to have bled into the binding, and being red looks like hundreds of veins or capillaries. I'm pretty certain there were no cracks on the binding before I glued it on, but it looks just like the stain has crept down hairline fractures. Running my finger over them it even feels like there are tiny cracks.

I'd love to think I can just scrape it back and that'll be that, but the "veins" look to be more than just surface staining, and the "oh well, rebind the thing" feeling is starting to overwhelm me, which is pretty demoralising having spent many hours binding/scraping/sanding/staining.

Is this what to expect when applying stain after binding, and is just surface residue which I can scrape back, or does it sound like I have an issue here?

Your opinions are welcomed.

Many thanks,


Jun 24, 10 | 6:15 am
Ken Hundley

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It almost sounds as if the solvent in the stain ate away the plastic and sank into it.....not sure how to fix that. Re-binding might be the best solution.

Jun 24, 10 | 2:14 pm

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I'm pretty gutted to admit that that's the way I'm thinking. After the hours spent rubbing down, staining, scraping, etc......

To avoid the inevitable clean up that comes with the messy #16 adhesive, is there a way of at least partly protecting the body, or is there a less messy way of sticking on the binding? I have access to acetone, but don't know if that will wreck the stain, though it sounds like I'll have to apply at least another coat anyway.

Jun 24, 10 | 8:51 pm

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