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blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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We will soon be updating the software and going to a new server. Nothing here will change other than easier loading of photos. Thanks again for all the support. Kenneth Michael Guitars will stay on as a sponser and we want to thank him for his continued support.
We will do this nice and smoothly so you may not even notice. Again thanks , we want KGF to be a good place to visit.

John Bob Kevin

Jun 04, 10 | 3:25 am

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Thanks to all of you for keeping the KGF vibrant. This forum was the catalyst to encourage me that , yes, with no woodworking experience (thanks Bill), I can build a guitar. Thank you Ken Cierp for the fabulous kit/instruction manual and personal support and interest in wanting me to succeed in building. I know all of the owners and sponsors and Bill Cory have that as their primary goal for those who are a part of this forum-past, present and future. There is joy in the journey!

Fred Blom

Jun 04, 10 | 4:43 am
Ken Hundley

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Good luck with the transition!

Jun 04, 10 | 5:43 am
Bill Cory

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John/Bob/Kevin -- I am looking forward to "just" being a member and spending the forum admin time on building guitars --

Best wishes to you guys as you run and (I'm sure) expand and improve the KGF!


Jun 07, 10 | 6:09 am

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