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Two questions for my first build...

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Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to do my first build and reading over threads in this forum has been a big help, thanks! I have two random questions for you.

1. I'm building a set of spool clamps for assembling the body. What kind of glue would you recommend for gluing the cork to the wood? I'm thinking wood glue might soak unevenly into the cork and leave uneven hard spots?

2. How do you attach/protect a label inside the guitar? I've tried to find this info elsewhere with no luck.

Thanks again!


Jun 02, 10 | 1:04 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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You can get paper with an adhesive on the back or use a contact cement on the paper. I prefer the PSA paper. Elmers glue will work and so will contact cement for the spool clamps
John Hall

Jun 02, 10 | 1:11 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Hi Adam, welcome to the forum.
I used super glue on my spool clamps. I glued leather to the wood, but it should work for the cork too.
For my labels, I use a fancy heavy weight paper, print them on my computer. I spray a thin coat of Varathane over the label, and I use a 3M spray adhesive on the back to stick it in. I spray lightly because it doesn't take much.
Have fun with the build.


Jun 02, 10 | 1:14 pm
Ken Hundley

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Hi Adam....welcome! Be careful with the elmers or any other water-based gues. They work well, but depending on your paper, can cause your inks to bleas a little before drying out. I usually spray both sides of my labels with a very light coat of clear acrylic. Just barely enough to lock the ink in place in the paper. After that, I usually use a super thin coat of LMI white glue or titebond.

Jun 02, 10 | 1:55 pm

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Hey Adam.
I found 1 1/4" felt pads at one of the chain hardware stores that had adhesive backing on it.
I just put the felt on the spool and drilled a hole thru the both of them.

Jun 02, 10 | 3:51 pm

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I have a sheet of adhesive backed cork I found at Rockler.

I like those adhesive backed felt protective pads. I use them to protect floors from rogue furniture. =:)


Jun 02, 10 | 4:35 pm

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Thanks everyone for your quick replies (and the welcome!). I'll look when I get home to see what I have for adhesives, I'm pretty sure I'll have to go pick up something. I'll probably stick with the cork since I have four cork squares just lying around at the moment, but the felt circles is a great idea! I'll have to keep that in mind if I have to build more later. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions later.

Have a good one!


Jun 03, 10 | 7:03 am

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