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Hi all

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Hello to all,
I have been reading and enjoying pictures and sound clips from everyone in here. And ... I am going to receive an LMI classical serviced kit today and start a journey.
Been building a mold from MDF boards
I will report progress and ask for help from all of you
Thanks in advance

Jun 02, 10 | 9:11 am
Ken Hundley

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Welcome, and good luck with your build!

Jun 02, 10 | 9:55 am

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Welcome, and best of luck.
Have fun, and go slow. Lesson learned.

Jun 02, 10 | 10:07 am

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I built an LMI classical as my second and was very happy with it. Making a mold to fit around the Spanish heel is a bit problematic (probably why most are built on a solera) - my solution wasn't the best but it did work.

Good luck with yours

Jun 02, 10 | 3:35 pm

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Welcome! And good luck with your first.

Jun 03, 10 | 5:14 am

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Thanks all for your encouragement and thanks Freeman for your pictures. I've been viewing them many times :-)
I just finished 1/2 of the mold and in the process of milling the sidewall with a file, will be working with the second half in the next few days.
I got the kit last night, have not opened it yet.
I will go slow :-)

Jun 03, 10 | 5:34 am

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Just found out that the mold (towards the bridge side) is bigger than the Hauser drawing.
-Lesson 1 learned: Do not make a mold prior to having an accurate drawing of a plan.
Some MDF patches and re-filing would help, i guess

Jun 03, 10 | 8:06 am

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