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Ivaroid Source and Router Collar Questions

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I was sure hoping to get my tail graft inlayed and my binding in place this weekend......but alas, another setback.

I built a nice jig similar to the one Ken C. built a while back (I bumped it up late last week under teh Tool section if you want to take a look at Ken's neat jig). I've never used a collar before and went to buy one at Lowes and all they had was a generic set made by Milescraft. It includes a new base that has plastic collars that twist lock in place. I wondered how well the plastic would hold up but I decided to give it a try since I wanted to make progress this weekend.

Well, a piece of the plastic collar broke off while I was routing the tail graft......and of course, I routed too far on one side of the tail graft messing up my new jig and cutting roughly 1/16" too wide in the guitar body. boy that irks me......but such is life. I hate it that I didn't get anything done on the guitar.

So a few questions. First, what kind of collars do you use? I seen that you can get a set of the Milescraft collars where the sanp in ring is still plastic but the collar portion is brass. I also have found a set of brass collars at Harbor Freight but I have no idea if they are decent quality or not.

Second, do you cut the tail graft with a standard router or a laminate trimmer? I chose to use my Bosch 1613 EVS since it has the fine depth control adjustment. Can you put collars on laminate trimmers?......I've never checked.

And last, once I have evened up the cutout for the tail graft on either side of the center line, my ivaroid tail graft won't quite be wide enough to work. Where can I buy a sheet of Ivaroid? I found it at LMI but it is a $25 haz mat fee to have it shipped. I didn't see it on the Martin site.


May 31, 10 | 6:22 pm

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Sorry to hear about your problem. That's one reason why I seldom rely on accessories from Lowes or Home Depot. IMO, they seldom have a good selection and what they do have is usually of questionable quality.

I have a Porter Cable 7310 trim router that is my favorite for guitar work (all solid body partscasters until now). It's light weight and a dream to use. Not as high-tetch as a Bosch Colt. It accepts collars nicely. I bought it about a year ago at Rockler when they were running a half-price sale on them. It's always good to get quality tools at Harbor Freight prices. =:)

I use Rockler's brass bushing set which I got for 25% off. (I watch their sales). If you just need one collar, you can get a good one for about $5.00. I am fortunate to have both a Rockler and a WoodCraft store within a 5-mile radius from home.

Jun 01, 10 | 3:41 am

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Quote from Frank; "I am fortunate to have both a Rockler and a WoodCraft store within a 5-mile radius from home."

Wow, you are fortunate. I guess the closest woodworking stores to me are in Tulsa which is roughly 1 hour and 45 min from me.

Jun 01, 10 | 4:54 am
Ken C

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Sorry to hear about the tool malfunction. I haven't worked with ivaroid that much, but can you splice two pieces together with a fairly invisible seam down the middle?

I use the Porter Cable brass collars on my 7130 trimmer. I am fortunate enough to have several trimmers, and this one is my main squeeze for tasks requiring a collar. The collars will also fit on my Bosch Colt, but not on the Harbor Freight unit.


Jun 01, 10 | 5:09 am

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I got a set of collars from Woodcraft that were defective, they gave me a new set.

Jun 01, 10 | 9:21 am

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John Hall is checking with Martin on a sheet or partial sheet of Ivaroid.......thanks a bunch John!

I would welcome anymore feedback on your experience with collar guides for routers. I have a Bosch 1613 EVS router and a Porter Cable 310 trim router.

Jun 01, 10 | 10:11 am

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