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Anyone have this conversation?

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At dinner last night I mentioned to my wife that the end of my guitar build is in sight...

"Oh, that's nice."

"By the way, deduct $70.00 from the checking account."


"I bought a mold on e-bay for my next guitar."

"You're NEXT guitar?!?


"Why do you need another guitar? What will you do with another one? Where will you keep them?"

"It's not just the guitar, it's the satisfaction that comes with creating it."

"Why not sell the one you just built?"

"I don't want to; I have a lot myself invested in it."

Thinking I did not see the rolling eyes expression, she replied "If it makes you happy, it's fine with me... as long as you do the 1/2 bath remodeling project before you start the next one."

'Yes dear."

It's like Bill Cory's virtual bumper sticker: 'It's a guitar builder thing, you wouldn't understand!'


Jul 30, 06 | 6:56 am

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I am one fortunate soul in that my wife plays guitar (much better than I) and is supportive of this particular passion. It also helps that I've already bought the zoot for her dream guitar, an all koa finger pickin' dread. This build is about a year out, as I really need to cultivate a lot more skill before going there.

I've been very upfront about my 'plan'. I will build one, possible two more kits, with each being less 'serviced' than the previous, before doing a scratch build. Part of this is that I need to build skill, but a large part is also needing to aquire some basic power tools, At a minimum I need a drill press w/Wagner planer, a band saw, a belt sander and a bending jig -- not to mention a place to put them. I live in an apartment and outside of a lottery win, probably always will.

I'll most likely sell off some of my 'store-bought' guitars to finance this venture. Its really pretty amazing how quickly this has surpassed 'hobby' status! My work car is a '92 Honda -- it's another choice of where to allocate resources.

So bring flowers, see if you can get her to take up playing the guitar and ...


Jul 30, 06 | 7:30 am
Bill Cory

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Ed -- But, doesn't she appreciate that you aren't going to bars and buying a Harley and gold chains for your combed-hair chest?

I guess I'm blessed with a wife who thinks I know what I'm doing ... But, some of her friends have asked that question. "What's he going to do with them? Why does he build them? Can't he just go buy a guitar like everyone else?" I am not sure how she answers them, but they apparently haven't infected her with their lack of understanding. Sometimes I ask myself those questions, though. So far, my answers to myself have been adequate.

Like yours, Jim, my car is old -- and I sold the car I really loved ('99 red Miata) to finance the guitar and website/forum thing. I've always written and published on the things I like doing. I was once a wedding photographer, and I still publish a wedding magazine:

We bets our money and we plays our cards ... and sometimes we sleeps on the couch ...

Jul 30, 06 | 7:56 am
Phlytyer (Keith)

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Kinda deja vu all over again... Bless her heart. But, I now have a new electical circuit in the garage for my tools (the better to work with), four sets of flourescent lights (the better to see with), clamps, clamps and more clamps on the way and I haven't even bought my first kit yet. (Tho I do have the plans and will be working on my forms this next week.)

Trying to tag up with John this weekend.


Jul 30, 06 | 8:43 am

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I always give this one to my wife when she say's Your building ANOTHER one? Well I say "At least you know where I am,I'm at home in the basement but I could be out running around and going to bars and chasing women" yeah that get her quiet real fast.

Jul 31, 06 | 8:37 am

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lol I am laughing at all these I dont know how to respond to this situation exactly, but maybe getting her to start some guitar lessons may cool down the fire. Or even just compare your guitar hobby to something like money involved in going to the bar or smoking or w/e it is that you dont do that will show her that this guitar hobby is causing more good than harm to you budget.

good luck eh

Jul 31, 06 | 1:56 pm

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Thanks, guys! She's really a swetheart about it, it's just humorous to me how something that is so fascinating to me barely registers for her.

I guess it's the 'men are from Mars, women are from Venus' thing.


Jul 31, 06 | 3:53 pm
Ken Hundley

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I keep telling her Iam developing something I can teach my boys, they both already want to build one, and the olderst is 3! She loves it, just wishes it only took one weekend to build.

Aug 01, 06 | 9:12 am

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