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#1 build issues

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I gotta say, thanks to all the excellent advice from you guys my first build has gone reletively smoothly. Yeah I have had a day or two when things looked a little shakey and there has been times when I have scratched my bold head wondering how the hell I am going to get over this one but generally the build has gone quite well so far.

Of course, this is taking into account that before this venture I have done no woodwork since making a small box for my mother at school some 35 years ago. Add to that my stupidity in deciding to make an OM cutaway from scratch and hand bending the sides ... there are times when I think I really should be taking my medication ... considering all this I am very pleased with the outcome. That is apart from the purfling and banding. I learnt many very valuable lessons doing the banding and I know that build #2 will have me quaking in my slippers by the time I get to that part.

A long drawn out way of saying it but this is really just to thank ALL of you who have given advice. Far too many to mention so I am not going to say John and Bob and Tony and the many Kens etc etc ... This is for everyone of you out there who has helped.


May 30, 10 | 4:15 am
Ken C

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Paul, glad to hear you are pleased with how your build is going. An OM cutaway is a great addition to any guitar collection!


May 30, 10 | 1:46 pm

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Did I help? Well I was just returning the help I received from everyone here during my two builds. It's a great community that has been formed here out of a mutual love of building guitars.

Jun 05, 10 | 4:24 pm
Ken Hundley

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Glad to hear it Paul, lets see some pictures!

Jun 06, 10 | 9:14 am

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Hi Ken, posted a couple in the 'show it off' section. When I get a bit of a finish on it I'll post a couple more.

This one really is my practice build. I have made many mistakes and now I know my second with benefit from it.

Jun 07, 10 | 3:25 pm
Ken Hundley

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That happens with every build, Paul. Not sure any of us have made a mistake-free guitar yet. Keep up the good work.

Jun 08, 10 | 10:29 am

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