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Digital Humidity Gauge! Inaccurate!

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Lately, as my collection of tonewood grows, more and more I'm concerned about humidity levels in the shop as well as in the guitar and ukulele cases with instruments.

After buying a few different digital and an analog gauges, I settled on the Planetwaves setup with humidifier that goes into the soundhole.

Here is the link:

The part that goes in the soundhole is ok but where it all falls apart is with the digital readout on the humidifer gauge!

I placed two of these gauges in a known humidity level environment and they both were 13-15 degrees off by the known amount.

When I checked these measurements to two accurate gauges they were off by that much as well.
So, if these gauges are that inaccurate inside and outside the cases, one may very well be over humidifying the instrument.

The PW items were only a couple of years old until I tossed them.

Does anyone know of a digital humidity gauge that is accurate?
Thanks in advance,


May 22, 10 | 11:47 am
Ken C

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Ha! Good luck, Don! I have two and one always reads 10% higher than the other, even when placed side by side. I just average the two! Have a good friend with an extensive (and expensive) acoustic guitar collection, and he has three or four placed at various places around his room. No two read the same!


May 22, 10 | 6:13 pm
Chuck D

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I believe this is pretty much par for the course. Digital hygrometers tend to be unreliable.

I would suggest the Caliber III digital hygrometer. A lot of people like it and it works relatively well. There is also a product you can by that you can use to test the accuracy of your hygrometers, "Boveda One-Step Calibration" that as I understand is used by many museums to calibrate their instruments. They are both available at Amazon, which is where I got them.

When I tested the Caliber hygrometer in the Boveda kit it was spot on. The other 3 hygrometers I have, which are from Radio Shack, were 5-10% off.

Anyways, I can't guarantee success but this has worked for me. I'm sure there are others with more effective (maybe cheaper) solutions.


May 23, 10 | 5:40 am

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My LL Bean Atomic clock with all the bells and whistles includes the readout for humidity and it's always dead accurate with the weather reports when placed outdoors to compare.
But it is way to large for a case.
Thanks Ken and Chuck.
I'll check out the Boveda One step kit at Amazon.


May 23, 10 | 9:05 am

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Don, the readings are likely off......but that doesn't necessarily mean the it's not humidifying properly.

I haven't tried them yet but you might try the redesigned HumidiPak from Planet Waves to control humidity inside your case. I don't know if it has a digital readout or not....but even if it does, it's not used to control humidity. The salts used in the humidipak set either absorb or release moisture tomaintain the humidity around 48%.

My understanding is there was a previous version that had problems that leaked in the guitar case. Supposedly, the new version is not in a liquid state and they have put in safety measures to prevent leaks. So it at least sounds worth a try.

May 26, 10 | 3:10 pm

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Thanks for the update info on the HumidiPak Adaboy. It sounds like they may have improved it.
I was hoping for an accurate digital hygrometer for the shop. That's where my real concern is, where I store tonewood and build.


May 26, 10 | 5:59 pm

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Buy a sling pyschrometer off ebay. It's as accurate as you will get and you can use it to check the accuracy of your digital units.

May 26, 10 | 7:16 pm

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I meant to post this link to the HumidiPakunit from Planet Waves......and forgot. So here it is:

May 26, 10 | 7:17 pm

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Thanks Adaboy!
I'll check out the Sling pyschrometer.

May 27, 10 | 9:07 am

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