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First guitar! Speedbuild progress

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First guitar is coming along well. A few hiccups so far, but nothing yet that I can't fix. This is a mahogany dreadnought kit from John at blues creek. I received it exactly one week ago, so I'm making supersonic progress. I'll try and get a few more picture of the prior build progress up soon.

So far, with the exception of brace shaping, etc. It's been left largely stock. I did however cut it a new tail wedge out of some rosewood I had lying around, the plastic looked too chintzy there, I'm fine with the plain black bindings though.

The binding have given me the biggest fit so far. I cut them on my router table with a shoddy jig I designed. If the top is any indication, they'll look good enough in the end, but the clean up on the slots is a lot more effort when they are poorly cut.

The fingerboard and bridge aren't actually attached here, just there for illustrative purposes as I've sent the picture to my sister, who has already lined up for the next one to be built. Tomorrow will probably be the initial neck set, finishing will start as soon as it arrives in the mail, seems I'm progressing faster than UPS can deliver things.

May 18, 10 | 12:37 pm
Bill Cory

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Building fast is okay, but ... Why the big hurry?

Just curious.

I built and finished a Martin kit in 10 days to present to my daughter for her high school graduation gift ... so that was my reason for working fast.

Bill Cory
Forum Founder and Former Owner

May 18, 10 | 3:33 pm

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I'm not actually in an intentional hurry, I've just had the time this week. Beyond that, I tend to get 'in the zone' when I'm in the woodshop. Thankfully I'm usually smart enough to quit if I'm feeling tired, or getting frustrated.

May 18, 10 | 3:47 pm

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