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#2 all done

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It has not been too long since I finished #1, but here is #2.
Its a surprise birthday gift for my younger brother who is a hunter and thus the deer print side port and the buck head inlay on the head stock. The buckhead was made by Andy DePaule and my pics dont do it justice.

The specifics are:
KMG Kit from Ken Cierp
Curly North American Black Walnut B&S
Engelmann top and braces
Mahogany neck
Abalone rosette and purfling
Maple binding on neck and body.
Abalone side position markers.
Spalted curly maple headplate, end wedge and heel cap.
I also used w/b/w purfling around pretty much everything.
I posted a link to my flikr page since I always screw up posting pics here.
Plus, there are more pics there than I would have posted here anyway. Some redundant, but I was having problems getting the figure of the wood to show up well. I hope you all like it.

May 14, 10 | 12:36 pm
Ken Hundley

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That is a b eautiful guitar, well done Tony. How does she sound? I love the spalted maple, very cool looking.

May 14, 10 | 1:10 pm

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Oh, well done Tony!!
What finish did you use?
Dave B

May 14, 10 | 1:58 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Wow Tony, that is really nice. Great job. I use spalted maple like that on my knives all the time. I am going to have to employ it on my guitars. I wish I had a little bigger block of it, the stabilized stuff would make a beautiful bridge, huh? Next time I buy some, I'll cut it for bridges.
Thanks for sharing.


May 14, 10 | 2:29 pm

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Thanks Ken. Actually I thought it sounded great. I took it to a local music store with an owner that actually knows about guitars and is a great player himself, and I asked him to give me his opinion. I said,"Listen, I think it sounds great, my brother is going to love it, I just want to know if it actually sounds good and you would play it if I gave it to you." He played it for over 30 minutes. He kept asking how I learned to build guitars. He must have asked about 10 times if I had gone to lutherie school. I said I learned online dude. He loved the side port, he had never seen one before. He said it was balanced and loud and easy to play. Although he did criticize my fret work(but I knew the frets needed a little extra attention before I give to to my bro) It has a buzz at the 4th fret right now and it is a bit high. He was really raving about it and even got one of his teachers to come out and play it. That guy said it sounded as good as anything they had in the store and then asked, "Did you really make this?" He said he thought I took the label off of a Martin because of the shape of the headstock. Anyway, I left with a very swelled head feeling very good.

May 14, 10 | 2:33 pm

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Wow...took me an hour to finish that reply...I dont type that slowly, I was doing other things.
Thanks guys. Its Deft Semi gloss Nitro. Brushed it on. Then followed Ken Cierp's polishing schedule.
The spalted maple would like nice as a bridge....hmmmm.....

May 14, 10 | 2:34 pm

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Tony, ya done good!! Your brother is gonna freak out when he sees and hears it. Awesome job.

May 14, 10 | 3:21 pm

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It's great Tony, Good for you...I like the theme. It must have been "Da Turdy Pointer" from the size of the track... :) I'm sure he'll LOVE it!

May 14, 10 | 4:23 pm

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Thanks guys. He loved mine thats why I decided to build one for him. Plus he's a good brother.
RayRay...Turdy two pointer!

May 14, 10 | 4:50 pm

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Looks great Tony! Congratulations. How does it sound?


May 15, 10 | 5:49 am

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It sounds great. Great sustain, very balanced. The two music store guys loved the sound. I couldnt be happier with it.

May 15, 10 | 9:10 am
Ken C

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Great looking guitar, Tony! I agree with the others. The spalted maple is really nice touch. I really like it on the headstock! Always nice to get some validation on your work from a third party isn't it? Leveling frets and setting up the action is an area I am still not 100% comfortable with. I am much better now, but a pro could probably still dial in my setups a bit better. If that was your only criticism, that is fixable!

Good show!


May 15, 10 | 6:29 pm

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Ken C, when I was looking for a headplate veneer, I was thinking curly maple. Then I saw the spalted maple and had to have it! That is one feature that everyone comments on with both of my guitars. I guess I will have to pick up some more of it. I personally love it.
The validation from the two music store guys was very satisfying. To be honest, I dont even know what a good prewar Martin sounds like. But I know my guitars sound great to me and now I know a couple of professionals who think this one sounds great too. My brother is going to flip out when I give it to him.
My fret work needs some work...but like you said, I can take it to somebody if I really want to. And since it was the only criticism, I will gladly take it. If he said it sounded like crap, I would have been a little disappointed but I still would continue to build!

May 16, 10 | 8:43 am

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Tony - way out, is all I can say. Love the headstock, materials used, inlays and attention to fine details. I am continually amazed by the different ideas and great work by the guys in this forum. A really beautiful guitar and worthy of all the praise indeed!

May 16, 10 | 11:38 pm

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Thanks pj. I think she looks pretty good.

May 17, 10 | 2:58 am

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Wish I were your brother Tony ... Is this the guitar you were questioning about the back strip? If so I think you definitely made the right choice.

Well done you are an inspiration to me thats for sure.

Jun 01, 10 | 4:14 am

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Paul, this is the one I debated the backstrip on. I agree that no strip wad the right choice. Ken Cierp did an outstanding job with the book match on the back plate and it would have been a shame to break it up with a stripe. The pictures do not do the book matching justice. It's perfect down to each grain line. He must have the worlds thinnest kerf resaw blade.

Jun 03, 10 | 5:34 am

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