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Another use for fret guards and cuticle removers

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If I stack 4 fret guards I have the ideal height of my frets above the fretboard. Since the guards are flexible, I put the stack over each fret, bend to the radius of the board, and look for any high spots. It works well.

The cuticle remover - they come pointy at one end and thin and flat on the other end - makes a great glue scraper AND if you are using Ken Cierp's method of the zero-zero fret, the flat tapered end will scribe a nice line on your nut. I just dip it into a little bottle of ink. Yeah a half-pencil or sharpened scrap also does the job, but these are really cheap and work well as an alternate.
Dave B

May 11, 10 | 11:29 am

Total Topics: 34
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Pix to show what I meant - worth a thousand words? :-) Plus a good way to keep strings in order during the tedious set up processes. Thanks Ken Cierp.
Dave B

May 12, 10 | 5:45 pm

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its a good info for me.

Jul 21, 10 | 8:39 am

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