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Bill Cory

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Hello Friends -- 

This is a short post to announce that the new owner of Kit Guitar Forum is …

… drum roll ….

John Hall, proprietor of Blues Creek Guitars.

John contacted me awhile back and asked if I would be interested in selling the forum. His timing was good. We negotiated a bit, and the software transfers are now underway.

Why did I sell the forum? Some of you may have noticed that I have not been as active on the forum lately as I once was. It's because I've become involved in several other pursuits as well: Politics (not a candidate; just a worker*), writing a novel, updating the kit guitar books, and I have a family and a life, and a living to earn … and there is only so much time in the day and half the night.

I will continue building, and I will continue posting on the forum, so this is not “goodbye.” I especially want to finish the rebuild of my first guitar, the Stewmac 000, and I'll post the photos of the rebuild here when that happens.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to every single one of you who have embraced this little community and have made it your own. Since March 6, 2006, we’ve grown into a close-knit group with a singular interest in building and sharing. Many of you have taken great strides and demonstrated professional-level skills that have far outstripped mine, and that has been thrilling. I’m glad I was able to provide you a starting place, and I’m glad you have shown the world that starting with kits can be the stepping stone to truly expert guitar building.

As you all know, John Hall has been on the forum from the beginning, as a supporting advertiser and as an active helper and poster. We have all benefitted from his expertise, and we will all continue to do so. He is a good friend, expert builder and excellent teacher and helper.

John has some changes and updating planned for the forum, so we should all look forward to the next four years being even better than the first four!

I have really appreciated all of your support for the forum through purchase of my books, the KGF calendars, and donations, and also the personal support so many have provided through private emails and through posts here on the forum. 


Your friend and fellow builder,

Bill Cory

-- Founder and Former Owner, KGF

*Conservative, if it matters to anyone.

May 11, 10 | 6:21 am
Bill Cory

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John Hall asked me to post this note from him:

For sure I want to thank Bill for the sound foundation of a good and informative forum. I don't want to change the world and this forum is something that I do indeed enjoy and want to see prosper.
I have the opportunity as Bill stated and will be taking this on with the hope of all your continued support. I have hired a web person for my business site and he had some good changes in mind.
We will soon have a new look but not a new vison. We want to continue with the strong foundation Bill has set . We will continue with the kit interests , but you will see more venues involved. I will have a Mandolin section , Violin , and Tone Wood section and we will expand to include a free classified area.
This is a great forum and with the base if visitors and sponsors we hope to make it better. I hope to see you all to contiue to support the kit forum.
I have 2 other friends that have helped me and lets introduce the other 2 partners , Bob Cefalu of RC Tonewoods and Kevin Waldron of Waldron Guitars , We all want to help you all grow in this hobby.
I look forward as do Bob and Kevin to see you here often and to help us help you . We don not want to turn this into a commercial venue but to keep things informal and fun , that is what this is all about

John Hall
Blues Creek Guitars

May 11, 10 | 6:22 am

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Well Bill, a great thank you to you because of the great AND ONLY independent source of information I found about kit guitars when I started out, one and a half year ago. I doubt if I would have dared to embark on it independently, and if I would have, if I would have brought it to a good end without this forum!

May 11, 10 | 8:35 am
Francisco Morales

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Many thanks to Mr. Cory for this great forum and best wishes to Mr. Hall as new owner.

May 11, 10 | 9:14 am

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Heey Bill,

That is a bit sad, but also good news. Sad because you were a kind of anchorman to me in this matter. And now that's over. But is good you do what you think you should do. And we all move on in our lives and start new things. Otherwise we grow old too fast.

I've been around here for some time and I saw this forum grow into something you can be really proud of. An international reliable informative place for people like me who like to build guitars for a hobby, not pushing it to the edge and having a good time with good people around. Because that's what is is to me. You did well Bill Cory. You helped me to enjoy making better guitars. And one day we will shake hands.

And about John: I like his way he performed up till now and he will do fine for sure. Go for it John!


May 11, 10 | 9:24 am

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I've done some business with both guys and they are tops in my book. (How's that for a plug??) Bill, thanks for your good work on the forum and for the encouragement you sent my way. John, thanks for your good advice about which kit would likely be best for me and then following up with excellent building pointers.

(aka Strick and GotDaBlues)

May 11, 10 | 9:44 am
John S.

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Sad to see you turning over the helm, Bill, but I don't think you could have passed it to more capable hands. I wonder if you realize how many lives you have touched and enriched with this forum. I expect my experience is like many (most?) of the guys here-- always wanted to build a guitar (or 2, or 3, or....) but didn't have a clue on how to get started until I saw your article in AG, which led me here. Since then the whole journey has been great fun, and particularly pleasant because of all the folks who post here.

Good luck and Godspeed in your new activities!



May 11, 10 | 9:47 am
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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I wouldn't have started on my first yet, if not for the Martin kit book or this website. And John of course is my favorite kit resource. It's a win / win. Best of luck to you Bill, in all your future endeavors!

May 11, 10 | 10:06 am

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Thank you Bill, for all the hard work you have done by creating and keeping this site up and going for us.

I know I have benefitted greatly from all the shared knowledge and experience from those that share their wonderful ideas here.

It has had a big influence in how I spend my free time.

John Hall is an excellent choice to take over the reins.
He is kind , knowledgeable and willing to share his vast expertise.

I wish you the best in all your future pursuits.
God bless you and yours!


May 11, 10 | 10:49 am

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I agree with everyone above. Bill, thanks for the inspiration you had to create this forum and help everyone who has come here make better music.
John, thanks for now carrying the torch and all that you've done in the past as well.

May 11, 10 | 12:54 pm

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Bill, I too owe a debt of gratitude to you and all your work to keep this going. I know it hasn't always been easy, but it was obviously a labor of love.

John helped me very much with one of my kits - I'm sure the forum will be in good hands under his guidance.


May 11, 10 | 1:16 pm
Ken Hundley

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Thank you, Bill, so much for creating a place I could share my passion. I built my first with the Martin supplied manual, and some help from Kathy Matsushita's website, which was helpful, but nowhere near the wealth of knowledge, friendship, experience, ingenuity, and humor that you have amassed, guided, directed, facilitated, and educated with this forum. Hats off to you, and thank you again for what you have done for all of us.

John, glad to hear the ships bein' steered by such capable hands. Looking forward to seeing what the new leadership brings.

May 11, 10 | 2:18 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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This is heart warming to hear so many positive posts. I sure hope the best for all. This is such a great place and I hope we can make it home for all

John Hall

May 11, 10 | 3:03 pm
Bill Cory

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Thanks so much, guys, for your response. It has been an honor and a pleasure to put this place together ... but it would have never continued without your dedication and enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to being able to build guitars again!

One of the guys wrote me privately and hit the nail on the head, when he said: "It's not as much fun anymore when it becomes WORK." Amen to that.

It's gonna be fun again now!


May 11, 10 | 3:06 pm
Ken C

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Bill, Yes. Many thanks for all your efforts with the forum. This was my guide during my first build and helped to really get me going. Glad to hear the forum will be continuing under John's watchful eye.

Now you can be just one of the rest of us and enjoy the forum without the headaches!!


May 11, 10 | 6:48 pm

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Many thanks to you Bill! You created a place to "BE" and provided the information with your wonderful books to give people all over the world the courage to make their "Dreams come true".
How cool IS that? It must be very gratifying. I'm not sure it's possible to vocalize what it means to touch so many lives in such a positive way...but to ME, it makes you a very special person indeed, and the world is a better place for it.
You have every right to be proud of your accomplishments and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
John, congratulations on your "NEW" Venture, you have some big shoes to fill but I'm sure with your kind, knowledgeable and capable guidance the forum will continue to grow and become the premiere source of knowledge for those who wish to pursue this wonderful expression of art.
Luthiery, has been a well "Guarded Secret" throughout the ages, and until recently, only those who have been willing to give roughly a third of their lives in some sort of "Apprenticeship" or those who were able to spend many thousands of dollars in a training program of sorts, have been "Allowed" to share in it's creative joys.
But thanks to YOU Bill, and YOU John, and Ken C over at KMG, regular folks like those who frequent this site CAN feel what it's like to actually create all of what a musical instrument represents, and I doubt that I'm alone when I say "I'm grateful to you all" for providing the opportunity for something that simply wouldn't exist on this level.... if it weren't for YOU!.

May 12, 10 | 5:47 am
Bill Cory

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It wouldn't have happened without the openness and sharing of everybody here.

It is I who thank all of you.


May 12, 10 | 6:09 am

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Plus one to all the comments. I sure appreciate Bill's effort and initiative to kcick off this forum. I'm still working on my first but this forum has been a great help. A toast to you Bill.

I never thought of John running the forum.....but I can't think of anyone better!!! John has been a tremendous help to me. And to think that Bob, the Zootman, will be helping out!, it couldn't get any better. Guys, he is the source for great wood. I look forward to meeting Kevin. Sorry that I haven't yet met you Kevin. Please take your first convenience to introduce yourself.

May 13, 10 | 6:58 pm

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Hi Bill, Bonjour Bill

This word was the one you said to welcome me when I joined but to day isn't
a bon jour
Ce n'est pas la meilleure nouvelle de la journée, loin de là, mais c'est votre choix, et il n'appartient qu'a vous. quelles qu'en soient les raisons.

It's not the best news of the day, far from that ,but it's your choice and it belongs to you, whatever the reasons , but anyway it's SAD

I agree with every comments made above ,And know you'll with us

Best wishes for all your intented projects;.

Good luck John , I had occasions to appreciate his knowledge, kindness and patience

May 16, 10 | 4:25 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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It is safe to say that we don't want to change things but we do want to make things a little better for all. We will have more venues of interest coming so we can cover scratch building , Violins , Mando , even the occasional Banjo.
I even hope to have some interest in Ukes. All we want is to make sure all can have a good area to get real information . I hope you all continue to support us and we plan to help you. Yes we all have businesses and we look forward to helping you both from that end and well as this area. We want to keep it free for you . I hope you all the best.
Thanks again for your support of this Forum. We want to fill Bill's shoes and keep the vision he has for this place. May we all wish Bill success in his future endeavors.
John Hall Bob Cefalu Kevin Waldron.

May 16, 10 | 11:00 am

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