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Jade is in the house

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Hi guys - let me introduce you to Jade, my number three. Finished in time for my wife's birthday bash (literally stringed her up half an hour before), she spend the first few hours of her life being part of a rather pleasant jam. Here are some pics:

May 11, 10 | 3:33 am

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PJ, well done. The inlay work is very, very nice. I'm hoping to do the same on the fretboard with my daughter's name on my next. Where'd you get the kit/materials?

May 11, 10 | 5:57 am

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Nice Job - great finish and the inlay looks great too. Well Done!


May 11, 10 | 6:00 am

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Gorgeous job! Do you have a full frontal pic? Did you use "Toner" on the top...or is it just the lighting and finish?


May 11, 10 | 7:49 am
Charles Kuo

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Beautiful wood combinations. Love all the great inlay work. Congrats.

May 11, 10 | 8:28 am

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Maybe it's not, but from here it sure looks flawless. Great job.
Nice inlay indeed.


May 11, 10 | 9:30 am
Ken Hundley

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Very nice job, PJ. How did your wife like it? How did it hold up in the jam? Would love to hear a recording....

May 11, 10 | 2:37 pm

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Excellent work! Did you do the inlay yourself? Thats still a job I am afraid of! Really nice PJ.

May 11, 10 | 6:08 pm
Ken C

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Nice looking guitar, PJ. Many fine details and well executed. Kudos!!


May 11, 10 | 6:39 pm

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Guys - thank you for the compliments, I sincerely appreciate them all. With every guitar I finish, I realize more and more how little I really know about building them. I am extremely fortunate in that my wife takes a keen interest in what I do, and actually plays an important part in getting the finished product done. She takes all the credit for the inlay on the headstock and fretboard. Did all the work herself, from working the shell, inlay and even design. I only had to do the inlay and shellwork for the rosette which was a breeze compared. Ray - the coloring for the top was achieved though using several coats of shellac under the finish. These shots were taken late afternoon with the sun low, so with the contrast it appears slightly darker than it really is, but I am very pleased with the overall effect - a nice golden/amber color which is what I hoped I would get. Ken - I am cautiously optimistic about the way she sounds, bearing in mind that I am bound to be subjective. The guys in the jam loved her, but then they are my friends :) I will try and do a recording after she has settled in a bit.

May 12, 10 | 1:45 am

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