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J-200 kit completed
Charles Kuo

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Hi all,
I have posted one picture of my J-200 kit (from LMI) over on my homepage -

Completed with the help of a whole host of people -
Thanks, Jim for helping me route the binding.
Thanks, Rick for helping me repair the headstock and helping me tighten the binding up.
Thanks, John for showing me the basics of bridge making and walking me through the finer points of finishing the neck.

A few details...
German spruce top
Flame maple back and sides
Bloodwood binding
Bloodwood bridge
Gotoh 510s

More pics and a clip to come - just need to pull myself away from building the next one :-p


May 07, 10 | 11:57 am

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Good job, Charles. Bloodwood looks really good next to the maple.

May 07, 10 | 2:47 pm

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Great to see another J200 build on the website. I bet we'll start seeing more. After all, the J-200 builds like any other guitar. It just happens to be bigger! How does it sound? Even though Maple tends to be bright, it's rounded out given the body size. It is though one impressive guitar.


May 08, 10 | 2:54 pm
Charles Kuo

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Thanks, guys. I have been playing and adjusting it over the past week or so. It is really bright and has some pretty sweet overtones.

You are definitely right about the building part. The jumbo body is just a tad more to sand :-)


May 08, 10 | 3:17 pm
Ken C

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Nice looking guitar, Charles. I am very fond of that shape as well. You did a fine job on it! Congrats!


May 08, 10 | 7:34 pm

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Congratz Charles! It looks awesome!

And I don't know if I helped with the routing as much as it was a 'hey, lets try this and see what happens' kinda thing.

I'm just glad it worked out well.

See you around!


May 09, 10 | 9:21 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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Great guitar Charles. You are becoming quite the builder. Thanks for sharing.


May 09, 10 | 8:37 pm
Charles Kuo

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Thanks, guys. Praise from other builders is golden.

I really like the J-200 shape as well. I went looking for it after seeing Dave Morris's small jumbo.

Anyways, I am busy trying to make number 4 even better. More pics and clips to come.


May 10, 10 | 8:20 am

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