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Finished number one - Stew-Mac Drednought
David Bolin

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Finally finished. Thanks to everyone that contributes to this forum for you help and support. The guitar turned out much better than expected. I was really worried about routing the binding channel, applying the finish, and final setup.

Used the KMG "Guitar Binding Channel Routing System". Worked perfectly. Highly recommend it!

The finish turned out good but not great. Switched to Target Coatings EM6000 after filling with SB-112 epoxy. EM6000 is perfect. Epoxy...not so much. A wash coat of denatured alcohol etched the epoxy leaving faint milky streaks. Will try Target Coatings filler next time and follow all of Jeff's finishing process. Most folks that have seen the guitar can't see the streaks. But I can. If I can see it, it's not good enough.

The setup is perfect. Followed the Stew-Mac instructions to the letter except for the fret leveling process. Used a simple method discussed here on the forum that worked filing!

So here's a few pictures. The whole album is at:

David Bolin
Searcy Arkansas

May 02, 10 | 5:01 pm

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David, it looks outstanding!
Was wondering how it came out.
Well worth the wait.
I used Target's filler. Not so sure if it was me or the filler, but after 2 coats, I still had a lot of pores left. I was just so new to it that I probably did it all wrong. Will find out on my next acoustic.
Are you doing another? Hope so. This one turned out so awesome.
Good job.

May 03, 10 | 5:41 am
Ken Hundley

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Good job David! How does she sound?

May 03, 10 | 1:19 pm
Charles Kuo

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Congrats, David. What are you doing for number 2 :-)

Seriously, great work.


May 03, 10 | 1:43 pm

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Great job, David!

May 03, 10 | 1:54 pm
David Bolin

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Thanks for the kind comments. I'm just overwhelmed with how nice it turned out. I need to send a note to the folks at Stew-Mac to brag on their kit.

It sounds great. It should be outstanding after a year or so. I'll post a sound clip if I can get one of my pro friends to do a recording with it.

I would like to do a grand concert style guitar next. Any kit suggestions?


May 03, 10 | 5:19 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Looks sweet David. Very nice work indeed!


May 04, 10 | 6:13 am

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David, can you direct me to the thread that describes the fret leveling process with no filing?

May 04, 10 | 6:37 am

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very classy David...

I've had bamboo rods in the back of my mind for a few years - but managed to resist - so far!

All those guide business cards by your desk just made me miss Colorado! I'm missing the caddis hatch for the first time in 10 years :(

May 04, 10 | 10:14 am
David Bolin

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This link should take you to the thread I was referring to.

Look for the post by enalnitram (Martin Lane). Third from the beginning. If that link doesn't work, it's in the "Initial fret work question - level, crown, dress, polish" subject in the "Building Procedures Forum".


I've met several bamboo rod makers that either play or build stringed instruments. They seem to run in the same family...


May 04, 10 | 3:53 pm
Ken C

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Very nice, David! That is a good looking #1!


May 04, 10 | 6:23 pm

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