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Homemade Fret press and radius blocks
Jack Ellis

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Hello everyone,

Ive been busy in my old mans barn making loads of oak sawdust. Ive been after some Radiused neck blocks for a while now but wasnt amazingly keen on spending 10 a go on each from stew mac. I'd need 7 too...

i found this great website called Project guitar with a jig design that someone's made for using a router to cut radiused blocks.

check it out

after seeing this thread for a homemade fret press on here I decided to have a go at one for myself using off cuts form my radius blocks as cauls.

Heres my results:


(let us know if my photo story thing on facebook works)


Apr 27, 10 | 6:57 pm
Jack Ellis

Total Topics: 4
Total Posts: 12
Hmm. try again with the links:

project guitar:

"Check it out link"

"this thread"

My Results:

Apr 27, 10 | 7:01 pm

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