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Kit Guitar going for $51!

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Hey guys i have found something on ebay.

Yes I know, it may seem like a laminate brazilian(but hey, it looks pretty solid) and the parts missing is easy to get it anyway. It's a good deal for ready kit builders...

just a bargain u know...(btw, i am not the seller, i just found it shopping for martins...)

Apr 24, 10 | 1:25 pm
Bill Cory

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That appears to be Indian Rosewood, not Braz. I wrote the guy in a "question," to help him avoid a refund request from someone who doesn't know. It's not a laminate; those sides are solid. (Martin laminates are dark on the outsides, but lighter on the insides because they're made with cross-grain mahogany -- at least, the Martin Laminated Braz 000 kit I built was that way. When enlarged in Photoshop, the edge of the sides shown in the pix are solid, with no indication that they're a laminate.

It would have never been resold for $200 to this guy if it was a solid Braz -- I don't think Martin ever sold a solid Brazilian kit.


Apr 24, 10 | 2:42 pm

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have to agree with the price thing and braz. Looks like many people are eyeing on it! (I personally backed out after realizing that there is no binding)

I am really building up for Adi top and Honduran rosewood. Will post when I have everything ready.

One question for Bill, is H rosewood too waxy to work with TruOil? just curious. Thanks a bunch as always.

Apr 24, 10 | 8:30 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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This isn't an actuall Martin kit but one that is made up from rejects. It isn't BRW but East Indian. At least this kit does have matching parts. I have seen a few low priced kits Ebay that had a mixed bag of parts.
Dred tops don't fit on 000 bodies. Also Laminated kits that came out of GMC a Div of Martin did have insides that can appear the same color as the out side. I have sold Many of those kits and this isn't one of them. The price for that kit is fair.

John Hall
Blues Creek Guitars Inc.
Authorized CF Martin Repair Center
Board of Directors ASIA

Apr 25, 10 | 2:28 am

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