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A teaser before it gets back from the finisher

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Well, it took me a year and a half of bi-weekly evening sessions, but I took my first build (a scratch build with help from a pro) to the finisher today. I decided that I'd rather invest my time in getting better at building than spending time and money on a safe nitro spraying set-up.

It's a deep bodied OM, EIR with a German spruce top, ivoroid binding and a zig-zag back strip and end piece.

And now for the 6 week wait... Luckily I've started on #2 to keep me occupied ;-)

Apr 24, 10 | 11:10 am

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What finisher? And what does it cost?

Apr 24, 10 | 12:40 pm
Bill Cory

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Hey I like the shape of that headstock -- sorta like a Henderson!


Apr 24, 10 | 2:44 pm

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