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Frog Tape

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I'm curious, has anyone seen the advertisements on TV for Frog Tape? They claim it is the perfect tape to use for masking off when painting stating that it will not allow paint or anything under the edge of the tape. They also state it releases very well then show someone pulling up Frog Tape leaving a perfectly straight painting edge. They say it's available at Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.

Anyone tried this tape? Could it possibly be used in guitar building.......masking off the bridge, fretboard extensions, etc.?

Apr 20, 10 | 7:14 pm

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Will have to keep an eye out for that, sounds neat but have'nt seen it...thanks

Apr 21, 10 | 6:48 am
Bill Cory

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I've had great luck with auto pinstriping tape; absolutely no edge creep at all even with very thin finish materials. It's not cheap but won't break the bank either.

Not my idea; came from Ken Hundley.

I haven't tried frog tape so can't comment on that.


Apr 21, 10 | 7:44 am

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@Bill: well, that's good to know. I especially had trouble with masking off the bridge area when using paint stripper for glueing the bridge. That creeped under my tape.
Oh well, it doesn't look perfect but it certainly sounds so!

Apr 21, 10 | 8:30 am

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