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Number two neglected

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Hi guys - just finished spraying number three, she's hanging to dry and I hope to have her ready for a jam we are having in three weeks time... Reminded me that I neglected to post pics of number two like I promised in an earlier post. Sorry, got carried away, number three proved to be quite a challenge. Anyway, didn't mean to, number two deserves having her pic on the forum. Here she is - I christened her Ruby, and she made me realize I have a lot to learn about building, but I was satisfied with the end result taking into account my limited skills. Thought number three was going to be easier, but boy, was I wrong! Ruby's specs are: German top, Macassar ebony back and sides. ,
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Apr 18, 10 | 7:47 am

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Your #2 is #1. What a nice job!
Did you design the font used for her name?
Be advised I'm stealing that idea for my daughter's upcoming build.
It is very pretty.

Apr 18, 10 | 8:28 am

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Thank you for the compliments, much appreciated. The font was actually stretched to fit the area, so its not standard.

Apr 18, 10 | 8:49 am
Ken Hundley

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Gorgeous guitar, certainly does not belong on a pile of kindlng! Well done!

Apr 18, 10 | 11:13 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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She looks might fine. You did wonderful work. Be proud!
Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing #3.


Apr 18, 10 | 5:27 pm

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Yes, very good indeed.

Apr 19, 10 | 8:36 am
Ken C

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Would never know it is only the 2nd one you have built, PJ. Fine looking guitar!


Apr 20, 10 | 4:39 pm

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Beautiful. I like the ebony b&s. How was it to work with?

Apr 20, 10 | 5:53 pm

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Thanks guys. Tony, the Macassar ebony was not easy to work with, but then someone with more experience may find different. It also has very deep pores,and is a chore to fill. However, the end result is worth it.

Apr 20, 10 | 11:04 pm

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Duly noted. Thanks PJ. Again, great job!

Apr 21, 10 | 12:59 pm

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