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Gibson Slope Shouldered Guitar Models
Steve C

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I am new to the forums and I hope this question is not out of order or in the wrong place.

I am reading and preparing to build my own guitar. My father did it back in the late 50's / 60's with the help of someone locally (SE Kansas). How they did it without the help of model luthier suppliers / tools, I don't know. He is passed now and I never asked. So, this is something that "I just have to do in life"!

I am fortunate to have a 1949 Gibson SJ, another one of his guitars that I absolutely love. My question is what other slope shouldered Jumbo's did Gibson make from this era? Was the J45 the same dimensions as the SJ?

I play a lot of Bluegrass and the SJ is perfect for this. I have hopes of building one similar one day.



Apr 17, 10 | 6:57 am
Ken Cierp

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Hi Steve,
Welcome - you might want to move this post over to the general topic posts.

Not surprising that Gibson uses "SJ" for two different identifiers "Super Jumbo" and "Southern Jumbo" Yes the sloped shouldered J45 and SJ are the same, there are several versions of fancy J45's at different trim levels.


Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

Apr 17, 10 | 9:45 am

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