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SM 000 Kit Problem Question

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I have an old, 2004, SM 000 kit that I'm just now starting.
Don't ask, it's a long story.

I remember sometime ago that Bill Cory discovered a measurement discrepancy somewhere on that kit. I wonder if Bill or anyone is familiar with that issue?

If it's a problem to post this info PM me at

Chris Nielsen

Apr 14, 10 | 1:48 pm
Bill Cory

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Hi Chris -- The problem was with the manual; it can be solved by downloading the current manual for the same kit. I got them to make some changes and the manual is now current for the 000 kit.

Go to this link: .

In the middle of the page is the link for the current manual.

If the manual you have came with the kit in 2004, it's got a couple of critical measurements that are incorrect regarding bridge placement.


Apr 14, 10 | 4:55 pm

Total Topics: 25
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Thanks Bill, I'll dl the newer docs.
I also got a free update from SM, the vellum layout, after reading your book, "Building Kit Acoustic Guitars". SM sent the layout no charge. Although I'm puzzled about how to use the vellum layout.
Another testimonial to SM's quality is the fact that after 6 years the sides for the 000 kit actually fit fine. They sealed them in a plastic pouch, and no springback.

Chris Nielsen

Apr 14, 10 | 5:13 pm

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