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My first build so far!

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Couple of pics of my build so far ... It is in a very rough state of course. Not yet completely smoothed the edges or started binding and purfling but so far I am pleased with the way it is looking. Especially for my first attempt and from scratch. I'll keep you posted!

The bottom pic makes it look seriously out of shape but I can assure you it is symetrical.

Apr 12, 10 | 1:32 pm
Bill Cory

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Looking good!

Apr 12, 10 | 1:44 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Oh yeah Paul. Great job so far. And it looks like you already have a good fit on the neck to body join. Thanks for sharing.


Apr 12, 10 | 3:12 pm

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Paul, you are braver than most, bending a cut-a-way by hand on #1. Way to go!


Apr 13, 10 | 4:23 am

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lol Darren now I know it was brave but trust me at the time I knew no different ... it was stupidity. It was hard but fortunately IRW bends quite nicely and I really took my time ... couple of hours i think. Thanks anyway.

Apr 13, 10 | 7:37 am
Ken Hundley

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Looks great so far, and I am equally impressed with the cutaway.

Apr 13, 10 | 9:04 am

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