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Dennis W guitar #1 - Martin 000-18 ket
Dennis Weatherly

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Here are a few shots of my first acoustic guitar. This started life as a Martin 000-18 kit from John Hall at Blues Creek Guitars. Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany back, sides and neck. I asked John to substitute a long scale 14-fret dreadnaught neck with a V profile, as I wanted the narrower neck. He also swapped in the correct bridge for that neck. The herringbone purfling on the top came from the Martin online store and is pre-bent for the 000 body shape.

Finish is all brush-applied Target Coatings water-bourne products: HSF filler, UltraSeal shellac and EM6000 lacquer. Sanded by hand to 600 grit, then switched to MicroMesh sanding by hand up to their 12000 grit for the final polish.

I ended up with sort of a hybrid. Martin 000's usually have short scale 14-fret necks. This particular combination (spruce/mahogany/14-fret long scale neck) isn't in the Martin catalog. It sounds nice, though :-)

Apr 05, 10 | 9:04 pm
Ken Hundley

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Great Job Dennis! Very clean build, and I think the long neck looks great on it. Can you record?

Apr 05, 10 | 11:21 pm

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Nice job Dennis, good looking top too.


Apr 06, 10 | 4:25 am

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Looks great!! Is that a little bear claw figure on the sitka? Great job!

Apr 06, 10 | 5:04 am
Dennis Weatherly

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I can record, the problem is I don't play very well :-) I usually just strum as I sing but I am fighting a sore throat right now. I'll get something recorded and post a link as soon as my voice will cooperate. It has a nicely balanced sound, which is what I was looking for when I chose a 000. There is a surprising amount of bass, but it is not boomy or overpowering at all.

Apr 06, 10 | 12:33 pm
Chuck D

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Looks great, Dennis! I'll bet it sounds wonderful. Nice work.


Apr 06, 10 | 2:22 pm

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Super job, Dennis. Looks very, very nice. Great top and inlay work is stylish.

Apr 06, 10 | 7:12 pm

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I have always been a dreadnought guy but thank to this forum, I am really becoming a fan of the 000 14 fret shape.

Apr 07, 10 | 4:42 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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She turned out dandy! Good job, and like Tony, I have never had, but now am desiring to build an OM. It is guitars like yours that have made me want one.
What is next?


Apr 07, 10 | 5:52 am

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Great work Dennis!

Apr 08, 10 | 12:35 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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Next is probably another 000/OM, this time in spruce/rosewood and a 13 fret neck. It means I'll have to carve my own neck, but I have heard really nice things about a 13 fret long scale neck on the 14 fret body. It moves the bridge down into the lower bout area a bit and adds some bass. It'll be a while until I start #2, however. Too many house repairs to tackle this summer!

Apr 08, 10 | 9:17 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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If you tackle a 14 fret 000/OM, be careful which kit and plans you work with. The 000 plans I have are the Antes drawings from LMI. They are very good plans, but they are short scale (24.9") and my Martin kit was long scale (25.4") due to my neck swap. As long a you are aware of it you can adjust where necessary. Had I not known the difference I might have messed up some brace placements!

Apr 08, 10 | 9:19 pm
Ken C

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Looks very nice, Dennis. Congrats! The joy in building your own guitar is doing just what you did, making little tweaks and modifications to get the combination that you want. I like the 25.4" scale as well and have built 3 OM styles with that scale length. I don't recall exactly, but I think the main difference between the OOO and OM is scale length, with the OM being longer scale.

Again, fine build Dennis.


Apr 09, 10 | 8:13 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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For Ken H, or anyone else with a strong stomach (my playing is not that great), I just recorded a few minutes of strumming on the guitar. You can find it on Soundclick at

Apr 10, 10 | 9:39 pm
Ken Hundley

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Thats got a great sound, Dennis! Good lows, crisp highs, not overly midranged, nice job!

Apr 10, 10 | 9:53 pm

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Dennis... looks and sounds great! Congratulations!

Apr 11, 10 | 12:45 pm

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