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Not a Guitar Book, but a Good One
Bill Cory

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I've always enjoyed reading psychology stuff. Pop and Academic. It's all good to me.

I've recently stumbled on one I really like: It's titled Stumbing on Happiness, written by Daniel Gilbert, a psych prof at Hahvahd. It is one of the most illuminating books I have ever read about the human nimd. Doesn't tell how to be happy, as if any book could. It tells how we think, how our memory and imagination works, and why both of them conspire to make us unable to judge how we'll really react to future events that we cause or embrace.

Anyway, if anyone is wondering why we have G.A.S. or (K.G.A.S., in my case), the book is very good.

Jul 25, 06 | 4:02 pm

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Well this book is a physiological book as well thought I would just add it.

It’s called "The Peter Prescription" written by Dr.Laurence J Peter. It’s about how to make yourself happier with your life with ought to filling it with clutters of things you don’t need. The "subscriptions" are all to the point workable remedies for getting out of the awful ratrace.

It also doesn’t use oversized technical words that aren’t even necessary shown in some books I have read. It also isn’t a long book he makes it short and to the point because some of us don’t like reading a bunch of pages just to express one idea.

I love the book it may be hard to find because it’s from 1976 but if you ever come across it it’s very pleasant to read. I found mine in My grandpas basement.

Jul 31, 06 | 1:26 pm
Bill Cory

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Dr. Peter also wrote, before the Peter Prescription, the Peter Principle, in which he describes how, in a hiararchy, people always rise to their highest level of INcompetence, and then go no further.

This principle also explains the United States Congress, in a nutshell.


Aug 01, 06 | 7:37 am

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