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#7... Lady Firefly.

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Here's a few pics of #7.

Please forgive my poor photo skills... She has a wonderful mirror shine I couldn't seem to catch...

Cocobolo B, S, & neck.
Carpathian Spruce top...
Curly Maple binding...
Rope purfling from Grizzly...
Inlays From Andy DePaule...
Natural bone saddle..
Natural bone and Ebony nut...
Ebony fretboard, bridge and Rosette with MOP.
Gotoh Tuners...
Finished with Tru-Oil


Apr 03, 10 | 7:08 pm
Bill Cory

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Terry -- Very nice! That's a beauty. Here's a doc that will help with the photos ...


Apr 04, 10 | 5:00 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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Nice work Terry. More and more of us are using Cocobolo! What is the neck made of? It also looks like cocobolo.


Apr 04, 10 | 6:12 am

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Thanks Bill... I'l check it out...
Kevin... yes the neck is also Cocobolo.

Thanks for the kind words guys....

Apr 04, 10 | 6:48 am

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Looks wonderful, Terry. Pretty cool what you did with the nut. Great touch.

Apr 04, 10 | 7:14 am
Ken Hundley

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VERY Nice, Terry! Love the sound port. I just can't seem to make them clean enough, yours looks fantastic.

Apr 05, 10 | 11:23 pm

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Wow. Thats really nice! I like the port as well. The guitar I am building now is for my brother who is a hunter. I made the port in the shape of a deer hoof print and I think it looks great. The port on mine was supposed to be an oval....supposed to be...but it got a little out of shape and kept growing as I tried to fix it, so it is still a bit out of shape but I do not want to make it any larger. LOL
That port looks like it would have caused me some grief!! Great work.

Apr 06, 10 | 5:11 am

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For the soundport I use a down cut bit in a dremel router setup, then finish smoothing and detailing with small files.

The nut happened that way 'cuz I didn't want to buy a blank... I used some bone slabs I purchased at "The Gem Faire" when it was in town. Same for the saddle... bone slabs from the gem faire... got'em for a buck each and can make two saddles out of each slab. Works good!

Apr 06, 10 | 5:13 am

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Again... thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

Apr 06, 10 | 5:17 am
Ken C

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Looks very nice, Terry! Congrats on a great looking guitar!


Apr 09, 10 | 8:24 pm

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