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Scratch-Built Padauk OM
Ken Hundley

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I have a number of projects I had started before this one, but this was the only one with a deadline. You've all heard about the squirrels knocking several guitars off my work bench, here is the one that replaced it.

It is an OM sized cutaway of my own design
All Padauk back and sides
maple binding and end graft
ebony neck and bridge
wenge headplate with custom logo
hanalei moon 5 piece neck, mahogany, maple, with ebony pinstriping and padauk heel plate

The guitar is not completed, it needs to be finish sanded and polished, and is getting a new bridge....I didn't like the way the one shown was pulling on the curlycue, but I thought I would post a few pictures.

It has an incredible warm sound to it, and the soundhole where it is gives it an almost stero effect. It was only playable for an hour, but what I heard was very promising. The new owner is ecstatic about it, but is onconcerned that it was not finished. He was more interested in getting his gang into my shop to play all summer long.

All in all, an auction like this was not the right venue for a custom instrument. For people to spend serious money on an instrument, they will want to sit down and get to know it, which couldn't happen as it was. It raised money for the school, and a guy is happy.

I get a chance to correct some of the things I was unhappy with before it had to show, but next year I think I'll just donate a cajon instead. They're already finished. I revised my website, but there are still a few areas that need to be completed, like this one. I'll post when there are more pictures up of the inside and some of the construction process, but this is what I have been primarily working on since Christmas.

Mar 27, 10 | 12:12 pm
Ken Hundley

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The original that was cracked actually is looking to be a far better cuild, cleaner cuts and joints, as well as the curly mango OM, but unfortunately, I had to set them aside to finish this. I can also now get back to the Macacuba, Kev!

Mar 27, 10 | 12:16 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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This guitar is turning out sweet. I would love to hear how it sounds, I can't imagine an acoustic guitar without a hole in the top....somewhere. That Padauk is really red!
Ah yes, the macacuba. Do you have any new pictures of it on your website?
I will be building with my macawood next.


Mar 27, 10 | 8:28 pm

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Congrats on finishing this one. You're really no 1 in building experimental guitars on this forum. While we others built traditional forms, you are the guitar-daredevil here. And the soundport here is scary-big. But I think it inspires all of us. Glad it turns out good and the customer is satisfied. Great job!


Mar 28, 10 | 8:57 am

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I'll echo Herman's thoughts. You are one creative guy. You're influencing a lot of people with your builds.
Great work.

Mar 28, 10 | 9:59 am

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Fantastic... and I love the bridge. Hope the new one is as unique.

Mar 28, 10 | 1:05 pm
Ken C

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Very creative, Ken! Cool looking guitar! This would be a fun guitar to see and hear in person.


Mar 28, 10 | 5:14 pm

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