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rosette for #2

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The all-koa build is going slow, but I did get the sound-hole cut out tonight. Some of you might remember, I cut this EIR rosette from the offcuts from the back of my first build. I think it's going to be pretty nice, if I can keep the koa dust out of the rosewood pores.

Still a little bit of cleaning up to do on the top.


Mar 22, 10 | 5:27 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Your rosette looks really nice. Good job! I really like this type of rosette, wood rimmed with the BWB purfling. I've done one this way, and will do the same type on guitar #4 too.
How did it go doing the trim piece on the inside of the soundhole?


Mar 23, 10 | 5:57 am

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Wow! Thats nice. I think I want to bind my next sound hole. It really looks classy. Great job Darren.

Mar 23, 10 | 6:06 am

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Nice, Darren. I'm doing an all koa build now also and asked over at MIMF about pore filling - the recommendation was to use epoxy. I haven't tried it yet, but apparently you can thin with alcohol and almost do a wash coat. Might want to consider that before doing much scraping and sanding (I've always used shellac wash coats on spruce for this reason). Here is my thread and another one about epoxy

Mar 23, 10 | 6:50 am

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Thanks Guys - it really wasn't too difficult. There's a little hiccup at the but joint that will be right under the fretboard, I might be able to fill it with a bit of CA.

The hardest part is knowing that there's a limited amount of room for sanding errors. For that reason I will steer clear of getting it 'just perfect' until the final prep work.

Mar 23, 10 | 12:18 pm

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Hey, I just did the same exact rosette inlay yesterday. I did a Walnut ring with bwb on a fir top. I love the way they look, great job.


Mar 24, 10 | 12:08 am
Ken Hundley

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Very nice! I love the way that looks.

Mar 24, 10 | 6:42 am

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DanB, how does fir sound as a soundboard?

Mar 24, 10 | 9:01 am

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Tony, I have no idea. I just figured I'd give it a shot. Someone had compared it to Adirondack tonally and stated it was supposedly stronger than sitka. So we'll see when it's done ;)

Mar 24, 10 | 4:31 pm

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LOL Dan. I thought you had heard a fir topped git before and thats why you were building one! Keep us posted on how the build goes, and when its finished, how it sounds!

Mar 25, 10 | 4:56 am

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