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Preview - koa tricone

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My latest project - not really a "kit"

Mar 22, 10 | 5:44 am

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Great looking project Freeman, are you working with a plan or is this a design of your own?
Very interesting.


Mar 22, 10 | 11:54 am

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Plans? We don't need no stinkin' plans. (bonus points, who said the original of that and what was the setting?)

I have an autocad drawing of a metal National tricone (in fact, originally I was thinking of making this one out of titanium....). I also have two resonators right now - a very old wooden spider and a newer metal biscuit. Took inspiration from the new NRP mahogany M-1 and another woodie built in the UK, but mostly I'm just winging it. The cones are NRP, the tee-bridge is an Asian import ($50 vs 150 for an NRP). Made the little stainless grills on our laser cutter where I work. Actually cut the autocad drawing on our laser out of 14 gauge steel to use as a guide for my router when making the holes in the top. The beautiful neck is from Hanalei Moon - I working on binding and inlaying it now.

It helped that I had just done a cone transplant in the biscuit and reset the neck on the spider so I had a pretty good idea of what goes on inside, but I'm building this one with a normal bolt on neck (resos usually have a neck stick) and a 25.4 fretboard which I already had (they are normally 25.0)

I no longer worry about things like neck angle or how to build the box or binding - things that stump us when we first start, but this is a whole new set of challenges. With a normal acoustic the bridge/saddle is the last thing to go on and you have a lot of wiggle room to get the compensation right - with this the bridge is the starting point and neck angle and fretboard location are determined by it. This is the second sound well - I wasn't happy with the first one.

Not knowing what I'm doing has never stopped me before LOL.

Mar 22, 10 | 1:23 pm

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Yeah, my Uncle owned a German Silver Tri-cone...great guitar...also a '38 Dobro.
I have my father's '32 and a '38 National I've owned and played for over 50 years..
I hope to attempt one of these some day...(When I become a "Pro" like you.. :0)..)

Mar 22, 10 | 2:02 pm

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It's looking great Freeman!!! Fun project.

Mar 22, 10 | 5:02 pm

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