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Buffed thru the finish

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Today, I bought a buffing wheel. I did the sides and the back, and wow did the wood pop! My prior hand buffing had done what I thought was a decent job, but using the wheel really made it glisten.
However, gulp, I didn't do a good job on the top, because I was concerned at the time that I would somehow mess up and ruin it. Later, after re-stringing, etc., I was "admiring" it in the living room with my wife and I noticed that the top had some dull spots on it. Possibly from my hands. So I went to the garage and carefully, I thought, buffed to the sides of the strings, and on the lower bout.
At one point, I must have pushed, or stayed in one location too long. I think I buffed all the way thru the finish in an area about 2" x 3". It's on the waist, bass side, above and to the bottom of the rosette, between the rosette and the bridge.
My heart is sinking pretty low.
I know I can fix it. I know I'll get good advice from the folks here. My intention is to lightly sand with 400 grit. then lightly put on 3 coats a day, levelling after each day, for about 5 days. I think I should gradually increase the size of the sanding and the re-application of finish, to try to keep it level.
Does that make sense?
I do not object to sanding it all down and starting over if some of you with more experience think that is a better way.
I have firmly embraced Bill's "no ego zone". But this will be fixed!!!! (Mucho determination).
Thanks in advance for any and all ideas.

Mar 19, 10 | 5:28 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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That's a tough one Bob, but you can remedy it. This is Tru-Oil, correct?


Mar 19, 10 | 9:14 pm

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No, Kevin, it's Emtech 6000.

Mar 19, 10 | 10:24 pm
Ken Hundley

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Short of stripping the whole top, Bob, I think your approach will work. Did you use any sealer before the emtech? What ever your layered approach was in the beginning should be repeated here to avoid blotching. It should work out. This is an area you might want to consider hand polishing, and just barely skimming with the buffing wheel, like spending no more than 5 seconds buffing the whole area.

Mar 20, 10 | 12:08 pm

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The "spot" sanding/refinishing worked. There's no indication at all that there were any worn thru spots on the top at all. I sanded with 400 initially, gradually getting lighter with the sanding as I got away from the spots involved. Then, after 3-4 coats per day, I would sand with 600. Gradually increasing the size of the sanded parts daily. I think there were 15 coats total. In addition, I wasn't happy about the headstock - there were scratches where I was careless with the strings, so I sanded it to bare wood and took the opportunity to re-finish the heel of the neck at the edges where they didn't look truly deep. All of it came out seamless. Whew!!

Mar 27, 10 | 2:49 pm

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