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A question for Bill Cory

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On 10/22/08, on the Finish portion of the KGF, you wrote:
"I'd say the finish took about 12 hours, total. ... (On the back and sides, I did 2 thick coats of 1# shellac and then sanded all the way thru 12000, 2-3 more thin coats and same sanding, and repeated once again. On the top, just 2 coats of 1# shellac, sanded up thru 12000. Then Poly on the whole thing. I don't thing I really needed the poly, but I wanted a hard finish.)"

My question -Did you use any pore filler at all in getting that wonderful finished look, or was the process described the whole process?
Dave B

Mar 17, 10 | 10:29 am

Total Topics: 34
Total Posts: 165
Never mind! I received Bill's answer by email.
FYI, Bill did use a pore filler.

Thanks Bill!!

Mar 17, 10 | 10:31 am

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