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How many kits have been made by members of the forum?
Charles Kuo

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Hi all,
Just wondering how many kits have been completed by the members of the forum. Do you have a tally, Bill?


Mar 15, 10 | 1:04 pm
Bill Cory

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Hey Charles - no way to keep a tally that I know of .. I'd just figure that we've had almost 900 members, some pass through and not come back, others sticking around. I'd figure that about 3/4 have built kits, so that would be 675, and some have builts several kits and then built some from scratch. So ... somewhere between about 675 and 4,000? Close enough?

Just no way to know ...


Mar 15, 10 | 1:39 pm

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I'll help out here, of my nine builds, 3 have been kits. One LMII, and 2 Martin kits that I purchase from a shop in upstate NY. (Malone)

So we are up to 3. lol


Mar 15, 10 | 3:42 pm
Charles Kuo

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Just thinking of all the time to build 700 or so guitars makes my head spin.

Mar 16, 10 | 8:17 am

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How about the time to build 4000 guitars? ;D


Mar 17, 10 | 1:14 am
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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Bummer, we should have harnessed all that energy by all those people, and instead, we could have built a great big, giant guitar!

Mar 17, 10 | 4:51 am

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Martin, where would we get the wood for the soundboard? We would need one of those 1000 year old redwoods from California and even then, we could only get a top big enough for like a 40 foot wide top. I guess thats a great big giant guitar!
Then the next question is, what do we string it with? And who would strum it? No sir, I will stick with my regular sized guitars!!
Charles, to help with the tally of kit guitars built by forum members, I am working on #2. So, to sum up so far:
llajoy--- 3 kits
Me------ 2 kits
Bill Cory- at least 4

So you have a start now. There have been at least 9 kits built by members of this thread, never mind the whole forum!!
Why dont we go with a truck load of kits?
Dont ask me how many kit guitars fit in a truck!!

Mar 17, 10 | 10:27 am
Charles Kuo

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Would be nice to have a count of first kits as well. I love hearing stories of kit number 1. I can't count the times I lost it...and almost lost it building mine.

Mar 17, 10 | 1:35 pm

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I would guess if there are over 800 members, then there were about 800 first kits.

Mar 17, 10 | 2:19 pm
Bill Cory

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Tony -- Not really. I think my estimate of 675 -- about 3 out of 4 -- was generous. Many guys stop in out of curiosity and never come back. That's normal. The real number for how many have built at least one guitar would probably be about half of the 893 members, or less.

You count above is a bit off. I've completed 13, working on 3, two more to start. Necessary in order to give an objective and reliable review of the kits for my books.

Mar 17, 10 | 2:56 pm

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Bill...I dont think your attitude is called for. Cant you take it back channel if you want to duke it out like this? Our fight does not need to be in the public eye. ;-)
I am kidding. I really had no idea how many first kits had been built. Although...I built my first kit starting back in September. It was sapele and engleman. I am now working on my FIRST walnut and engleman kit! Two firsts!!
For some reason, I am really being a smarty pants tonight. I apologize in advance to anyone I will undoubtedly offend! :o)

Mar 17, 10 | 6:02 pm
Bill Cory

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Too much Mountain Dew?
Got your email ... don't even give it a thought. If I had read the post, I woulda known you were kidding around anyway.



Mar 18, 10 | 3:42 pm

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You've created a potential international kitguitarfactory.
The customers not only can choose the woods to be used, but they also can pick a favored builder and a favoured building time. And that all for a fraction of another handbuilt guitar out there.

And if you decide to give this factory a launch, I'll will opt for the function of a part-time builder and do the hard work of the part-time international deliverer.


Mar 19, 10 | 12:59 am

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I think so. Too much of something anyway!


You make a good suggestion there. Sort of like a guitar building commune. An order comes into KGF and gets posted in the "Guitar Orders Forum."
The first member available to build the guitar throws his hat into the ring and gives a time frame to the customer. If the time frame is acceptable, the builder goes ahead. If not, the order gets reposted.
It would certainly give us a way to build some more guitars without incurring any expenses! And make a few bucks! KGF gets 5-10% of the net profits to support running the site (and the eventual advertising that would be needed to keep us all building) and everyone is happy.

Then we can all move to a farm on the outskirts of town and stockpile guns in case some guitar thieves come along. Or if the government wants to shut us down. Wait a sec...I was going off in the wrong direction there. Sorry...We can all build from home. No need for a "compound" to build at and the eventual stand-off with the ATF. Even if we would save money on redundant tooling. LOL

Mar 19, 10 | 4:59 am
Ken Hundley

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Interesting thought, Herman, its already happened once or twice that way without the 5-10% to Bill.

Mar 20, 10 | 12:12 pm

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I did one kit, four scratch builds w martin second necks, working on 6-7-8 now.
Got the bug.

Apr 24, 10 | 4:46 pm

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