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Parlor guitar sound board thickness

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Not a kit question, but I hope I can get some advice for a first time building. I am working on a parlor guitar with a ceder soundboard. I have it at .085" right now. The question is this; is .085" too thin? I see a lot of recommendation for cedar to be somewhat thicker than spruce.

Mar 15, 10 | 8:32 am

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Till someone more knowledgeable comes along to give you experienced advise, I would say you are pushing it. Cedar is brittle.

Mar 15, 10 | 9:38 am

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DJ, due to its smaller size a parlor will have a stiffer top, but you will probably compensate by only having one tone bar and one set of finger braces. You may choose to scallop the braces more as you voice the top. You may also use a shorter scale length which will reduce the tension on the bridge area. Also, you might choose to make your bridge a little smaller than usual to maintain the sense of scale.

When I built my 0 sized with a sitka top I started with a standard 0.110 LMI top plate, but by the time I was done scraping and sanding it was probably more like 0.100 (I didn't measure). When LMI thickness sands cedar or redwood they leave it 5 thou thicker than spruce. Fwiw - I did use 1/4" braces and fairly deeply scalloped, as well as a cut down belly style bridge and 24.4 scale. However, even tho it is tiny, it has a pretty big voice.

Cedar is a lot more delicate wood and is softer (I don't know about "brittle") - it is easily dented but I've frankly never worked with it. A friend has a cedar topped 12 string that has a lot of nail marks in the top from the way he anchors his pinkie.

Mar 15, 10 | 12:56 pm

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I just saw this at MIMF - here is a glitter pattern on a cedar uk top that is only 0.072" inch thick. You might want to follow this thread as it develops

Mar 16, 10 | 7:37 am

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