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1st Kit from Stewmac

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Here are 2 pics of the finished kit from Stewmac. Was hoping my sister in law would come and take some really good shots, but she didn't, so I did the best I could.
Thanks for everyone's help on this. You guys made it fun and saved me from many mistakes. It sounds good. Wish I could play well enough to put up some mp3's. Good bass and distinct trebles from it.

Mar 14, 10 | 3:05 pm
Bill Cory

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Really nice work Bob! I like the natural finish on back and sides, and the contrasting binding.

How does it sound?

And... What's the next one gonna be?


Mar 14, 10 | 4:29 pm

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Thanks, Bill, and thanks for moving it. It's got good volume, pretty good bass......way more than my other one (which is a cheap one). Sounds much like a couple of D-28's that I've played in stores recently.
I thought about staining it, but decided I liked the natural finish too.
My next will be a rosewood b&s, engelmann spruce top, bloodwood binding with maple lam. Possibly bloodwood end wedge with maple lam to it too.
My daughter likes red, hence the bloodwood accents. Also, we call her Joey, for Joann, so I'm getting Jimmi Wingert in Cali to do a baby kangaroo inlay for the headstock. I'm gonna do some inlay on the f/b and put some bling on it too.
If the creek don't rise, I'm gonna try spraying the finish this time too. Should be a good challenge.
Thanks for your comments.

Mar 14, 10 | 5:37 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Hey Bob,
You do good clean work! I too am a fan of the natural wood tone. I say, if you want a dark guitar, use a dark wood!
Your #2 wood combination sounds interesting, I'll look forward to watching that one come together too. My #4 will be Macauaba with bloodwood binding, bridge and hopefully, if I can find a piece to make it, bloodwood rosette.

Mar 14, 10 | 6:40 pm

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Good job, Bob,
I like the natural mahogany, too. Glad you had fun, and keep building.


Mar 15, 10 | 9:53 am
Charles Kuo

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Nice work, Bob. Congrats. She looks happy outdoors :-)


Mar 15, 10 | 12:12 pm
David Bolin

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Looks good Bob. Congratulations! I'm still working on mine.


Mar 15, 10 | 6:06 pm
Ken Hundley

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Wow, Bob spent so much time on his guitar, he forgot to water his lawn! Beautiful guitar, Bob, very well done. And my lawn looks worse than yours right now....

Mar 16, 10 | 10:18 am

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Lol, Ken, that's dead winter grass. It's about to start the summer stuff soon, and I'll be wishing it was dead!!
Thanks everyone for the kind comments.
Kevin, my daughter likes red. I hope the bloodwood doesn't overpower the whole thing, but she'll get it unless I just can't stand it.
I really gotta get my sister in law to take some pics and keep me from showing my dirty floor, dead grass, etc!

Mar 16, 10 | 2:59 pm

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Very nice! I wish I could get a finish on mine one of these days!

Mar 22, 10 | 7:04 pm

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Very nice... Count me as a "Natural" fan too... I also like the dark binding. Great job!

Mar 24, 10 | 2:44 pm

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Thanks guys.
I'll have pics soon after the finish cures on the error I made earlier. After using a buffing wheel, the sides and back really came up a bunch. Way more than I thought it would. Since I was repairing the couple of spots on the top, I decided to re-do the headstock. Putting on and taking off strings caused a bunch of scratches in it, and also one spot on the top left edge had worn down from too much sanding or something. And, the neck heel where it touches the body was a bit lighter than normal. So I spent the last 4 days putting on more finish.
Terry, I'm like you, I fell in love with the natural look of the mahogany. I have another, cheap Fender, with mahogany that is darker. I can look at it though and wish it was natural too. It is nice looking (laminate though) wood.
Tony, I did this with brush on Emtech 6000. I'd wager anything that you could make it look as good if not better!!

Mar 24, 10 | 4:29 pm

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Yeah... I've only put stain on one build. I built two guitars with bubinga. I put some mahogany stain on one (#5). It looks great, but I still prefer the appearance of the bubinga build without the stain (#3).

Mar 24, 10 | 4:49 pm

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Terry, that's a coincidence. I'm gonna make #4 with bubinga. See:
That's once I finish #2 and #3 for my kids. Hope to put a bearclaw sitka top on it, and some maple(?) bindings. Not sure on that. Plus some bling.
Love to see pics of yours. You could email if you don't want to post them here. But I'd really like to see them.

Mar 24, 10 | 4:57 pm

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Sounds like a great combination for the bubinga and what a beautiful set you have!

Here's a link to my facebook photo album:!/album.php?aid=2027247&id=1537659072

Mar 24, 10 | 5:39 pm

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Got my numbers confused... the bubinga guitars are #4... #5...

Mar 24, 10 | 5:46 pm

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They all turned out really nice. I'm salivating at starting on mine.

Mar 24, 10 | 6:14 pm
Ken C

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Congrats, Bob! The dread looks very nice!


Mar 28, 10 | 5:23 pm

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I really like that natural look, and you did a fine job.
Dave B

Mar 28, 10 | 5:54 pm
Guitar Doubler

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I like the natural finish myself. I thought about trying one of these Stewmac kits myself. Your excellent results are further wetting my appetite to do so.

Anyone have any experience with their violin kits? I do not think that they are sourced from the same maker as their guitar kits though.

Apr 18, 10 | 5:15 pm

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