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Need help with mold purchase.

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I bought a Martin kit from bardsong.
Came with back, prebent sides, kerfling, neck, end and tail block, top and fret board. No plans or mold.

What I am trying to figure out is...

Do I need a set of plans?
What mold do I need?
What construction manual should I buy?
Will Bills manual give me all the info I need?

I found this mold on ebay, it comes with brace stencils for 2 body shapes of my choice. Will this work for my needs or is a different mold required.

Mar 10, 10 | 3:39 am

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I bought that mold and I like it a lot. If you are planning to build more guitars and other shapes and sizes, you won't have to buy or build other molds. And you won't have to buy or make clamps for installing the top and back. You can use rubber bands or twine.

Plans are handy to have but your parts are already pretty much cut to proper shape and size. Buy a good manual or if you are really frugal and persistent, you can find all the same info online. Many luthier sites have full manuals online. KMG has a pretty good one.

Bill's manual will give you whatever info you need. And it's nice to have it open and in front of you while you are building. Less glue on your keyboard.

Mar 10, 10 | 4:31 am

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That is the KMG mold. You might do better on the price by talking directly to Ken about it by email.
I used Bill's manual more than the Stewmac manual that came with my kit.

Mar 10, 10 | 5:10 am
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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Definitely buy the mold from Ken, and the Martin kit book from Bill! It's not always the case when the thing you need, is also available at a good price from great people. Support them.

My first guitar building experience was with a Martin kit, Bill's book, and a homemade mold. I used a KMG mold for my second build. You're on exactly the right track, imo.

Mar 10, 10 | 2:49 pm

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Buy Bill's building guide. John Hall makes the molds that Martin sales so it should be a good fit for your kit.

Mar 10, 10 | 7:29 pm

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Have decided to buy a mold and template from Ken. Seems like a great guy and easy to work with.

Mar 11, 10 | 10:46 am

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Tim how do you like the kit? What did you end up getting? And do post pictures when you get going.


Mar 24, 10 | 12:21 am

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