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Finishing a fretboard with wood bindings
John S.

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Since I need for it to warm up a bit before I can spray #2, I've decided to plan and begin working on #3. I'm thinking of binding this one in curly maple, including the fretboard. My question is about what do you do when it's time to finish the neck. Does the edge of the fretboard binding that is co-planar with the fretboard surface get finished? I would think that would be a good idea, so you wouldn't end up with dirty fingerprints/smudges on the binding (especially maple). So how did you guys who've done this approach it? Is it as simple as just carefully masking the fretboard right up to the binding?


Feb 27, 10 | 3:07 pm
Ken C

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I don't actually finish the binding surface that is flush with the fingerboard surface. I suppose if you are concerned about that top edge getting dirty, you could finish it. I just don't know how you'd smooth out that edge line where the binding and fingerboard join.


Feb 27, 10 | 3:19 pm
John S.

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Maybe it doesn't need to be finished per se, but instead sealed with some shellac? That might circumvent having to smooth out the edge line.

Feb 27, 10 | 3:38 pm
Bill Cory

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John -- I put a curly maple binding on an ebony fretbaord and found that it really had to be finished along the top and sides. After sanding it flush, I used Q-tips to apply clear shellac to the top edge of the binding.


Feb 27, 10 | 5:09 pm

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