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Pictures of my stewmacs

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Hi all, well I thought it was about time I posted some photos of my OOO and Dread. It has taken me a while to get a finish I am happy with. It is still not perfect but as I have no equipment to spray it is OK. They are both Tru oil and I have found that it is easier to apply in cold weather than hot as it stays workable longer.

They both sound lovely and play well (although I don't). I use TinyPic for hosting the photos and they provide easy cut and paste links to the pictures.

Feb 18, 10 | 8:57 am
Charles Kuo

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Beautiful, Mike - love the inlay.


Feb 18, 10 | 9:00 am
lefty Dan

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Mike they both turned out great.
I think you did a fine job with the tru oil.

Feb 18, 10 | 10:32 am
Bill Cory

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Really nice Mike! Nice finish!

Feb 18, 10 | 11:32 am

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Great shine on both of them, and +1 for the inlay work, I'm jealous.

Feb 18, 10 | 12:57 pm

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Very nice. The finish looks great!

Feb 18, 10 | 2:28 pm
Woody O'Keefe

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That is a unbelievably beautiful finish for truoil, Great job.


Feb 18, 10 | 2:53 pm

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wow, everyone else is saying it but that looks great for truoil. what did you fill pores with... how many coats? did you use micromesh? I'd love to get that shine next time. :)


Feb 18, 10 | 4:36 pm

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Many thanks for the great comments, and a special thanks to Bill for hosting this great site. I know that if I hadn't come across it I would never have built the guitars. Darren, thanks a lot, I used the CA super glue for the pore filling on both and found it so quick and easy. The OOO has shellac on the top which gives it a quite antique colour. I never counted the number of coats but I would say about 10 very thin coats. I wiped the oil using small lint free rags. As I said before, I tried Tru oil last summer and it was quite warm ( about 35 degrees) and I found that the oil was drying very quickly and it was hard to put on a thin even coat. I left it for a while and tried again in the winter. It stayed workable a lot longer and I could put a coat on and wipe of the excess quite easily. The temperature was around 10-15 degrees. I sanded using 1200 grade every 4 of coats. After the final coat I left it 2 weeks to harden before using Micromesh and soapy water all the way to 12000 grade and then used T Cut car paint restorer for the final polish. I am still working on them both on the sides. I did try French polish but I found it so fragile.

Feb 19, 10 | 1:06 pm

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thanks for the details!

Feb 19, 10 | 5:12 pm
Ken C

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Good stuff, Mike! A fine pair indeed!


Feb 19, 10 | 5:43 pm

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Good work Mike, they look beautiful.


Feb 20, 10 | 6:29 am

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Mike -

I really like the finish color on your 000. You mentioned you used shellac; is it a durable finish?


Feb 20, 10 | 8:08 am

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No it is fragile. I just used it to get the color and put tru oil on top to protect it. Thanks for the comment.

Feb 20, 10 | 8:11 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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That's a wonderful Tru-Oil finish you have gotten there. I tried it on my first build and wasn't happy with the result, so stripped it and did nitro.
Yours looks as good or better than what I got with the nitro.
Good job.


Feb 20, 10 | 8:17 am

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Thanks Kevin. I wasn't happy whenI first tried it either and as I said I tried french polish. I work in Paris CDG airport but I had trouble finding shellac in France and eventually got some from Ebay, (is there anything you can't buy on ebay?). I am away for a week at a time so that gives the tru oil a chance to harden and then I polish it when I get home. I plan to redo the necks and headstocks when I have to change strings as I am not happy with the finish on them and now I have more experience with the tru oil I think I can do a better job. I have learnt a lot doing these two and hopefully no. 3 will be even better. I plan on doing a classical guitar as I see a lot of them out here in Spain. Has anyone got any ideas? I have seen kits at and wonder if anyone has any experience of them.

Feb 20, 10 | 2:04 pm
Ken Hundley

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Beautiful guitars, Mike!

Feb 20, 10 | 7:35 pm

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Those look great! Nice work.

Feb 21, 10 | 6:39 pm

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Great work! Pore filling is the ultimate key for such a fine Tru Oil finish as we see here.

Mar 24, 10 | 3:07 pm

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Thanks for the great comments. I have been busy building a classical kit from here in Spain. It only cost about $150 and is Spruce top with laminate rosewood sides and back. I have just started the finishing procedure and will post some pics soon.

Mar 31, 10 | 9:46 am

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