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Thicknessing sides, backs, tops, etc.

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I just received my LMI classical kit today. I know that I will have to thickness the sides a bit, but I do not have access to a drum sander.

How do you guys do it?


Feb 17, 10 | 9:26 pm
Ken C

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Chris, if you are in SE Michigan, you could drop by, and we could run them through my thickness sander.

I ordered one kit using LMI's kit wizard some time ago, and the sides were already close to final thickness. How thick are the sides you have?


Feb 18, 10 | 4:34 am

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If you have no machines to do it for you, the fastest method by hand is to use a sharp plane and a scraperblade. That's my way. Sanding to thickness by hand is no option for me. Too much effort and dust.

Maybe you visit Ken or a luthier nearby. That saves a lot of energy and provides good talk and good people.

Good luck. Herman

Feb 18, 10 | 8:21 am

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I either order them from LMI the final thickness I want or I take them to my local hardwood lumber retailer and ask them to run them thru their thickness sander. I just had some beautiful koa thicknessed and it cost me 15 minutes of shop labor. I went 0.080 on the sides, 0.100 on the back and 0.125 on the top, but obviously your milage will vary.

If you are trying to thickness the top to the 37 Hauser plans you will need to plane and scrape, and build yourself a good thickness caliper - there seem to be quite a variation over the top of Segovias old guitar.

Feb 18, 10 | 1:42 pm

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There is a 24" double grizzly drum sander on Oklahoma City craigslist for $500.00. These things are like tanks.

Feb 19, 10 | 4:22 am

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@Ken C: that's a coincidence, I have been visiting in Holly, MI the last two weeks, very near to your place!

Feb 25, 10 | 6:02 am
Ken C

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Laurent, Holly is probably an hour to an hour and a half north of me. Fine time to be in Michigan! The snow just won't go away!


Feb 25, 10 | 7:31 pm

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