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Someone Please Jog My Memory

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I'm having trouble remembering the exact details, but it seems someone posted here showing a neat method of cutting (or re-cutting) a rosette after the soundhole had been removed. Or maybe it was enlarging the soundhole after it had been cut out. Whatever the purpose, seems there was a neat method for locating the center of the soundhole and indexing a router off that point.

Sound familiar?

Feb 10, 10 | 3:51 pm
Bill Cory

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Yeah, that might have been me. I made an insert for the soundhole and used it to anchor the router.

I'll look for it and post it here.


Feb 10, 10 | 5:37 pm
Bill Cory

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I can't find it -- I'll just repost the pictures etc.

I had a rosette that was thinner than I wanted, and I wanted to add a ring inside and outside of it. Problem was, the soundhole was cut. So I made this insert shown below. The holes with red X's were from a previous project, not false starts.

CVery careful measuring was important.

The pix are self-explanatory, I think.

Feb 10, 10 | 5:56 pm

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What I did will only work if your top isn't on the guitar yet like Bill's.

I used the Dremel circle cutting tool. And since it's different than the stewmac base that Bill used, it has a pin that is fastened to the tool that's about a half inch long (not removable) I just clamped my top to a piece of plywood or a big board so it couldn't move, then found the center point, drilled the hole in that board and put the pin of the circle cutting tool in that hold and adjusted it for my rosette. Therefore it wasn't necessary to cut out the circle filler like bill did.


Feb 10, 10 | 7:12 pm

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That was it!!! Thanks Bill for taking the time to repost those pictures. Very creative and a heck of a work around!

Feb 11, 10 | 10:39 am

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