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Bardsong Instruments

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I've been working on a pile of Octave Mandolins and Mandocellos and Irish Bouzoukis as well as a couple of Dulcitars going out to Cyndi Lauper. Thought I'd share some pics:

Cyndi's Twins

Pancakes anyone?

Nice 3 pece Martin back waiting to be adopted.

A fresh batch of Bardsong Necks being born.

They're so pretty...

Octave Mandolin off to Dave Mustaine & Megadeth

An Irish Bouzouki. Body is small about the size of a little martin or baby Taylor

And a 000 cutaway Mandocello made from some of the mountains of Martin Parts I have collected. I just scrapped this one together. Had to set the neck back and up a bit to use the Bridge I wanted. Sounds like a cannon.


Bardsong Instruments & Martin Kits

Jan 24, 10 | 5:57 pm

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Welcome, Shawn.

I think that one of our members, DanB was researching a mandocello conversion for one of his builds - looks like you'll be a good source of information on that!

BTW, my wife absolutely loves Cindy Lauper, do get a photo if you can, when those Dulcimers get delivered. :)

Jan 25, 10 | 4:16 am
Bill Cory

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Shawn -- Welcome! Cool gallery of pix. Glad to have you here so that we can "broaden our outlook" a little bit with different types of instruments.

-- BIll

Jan 25, 10 | 6:01 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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You must make some wild looking necks.
Any picks of those side and back?


Jan 25, 10 | 6:06 am

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