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Radius for a classical guitar?

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I am getting prepared to start my first build (an LMI classical guitar kit). I am reading the Cumpiano book, and waiting for the Bogdanovich book.

Do I need to radius the back of the guitar? what size radius?


Jan 23, 10 | 9:13 pm

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I would ask this question over at - there are lots of classical builders there. When I built mine using the GAL plans for Segovia's Hauser and Cumpiano I built the top flat and put a very slight radius in the back - 25 foot which is what I use for tops of my steel string.

Here was the building thread.

Jan 24, 10 | 7:15 am
Ken Cierp

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Classicals are built flat with just a tiny bevel at the edges of the shoulder and wasit braces -- that taper/bevel is to prevent the top from having the illusion of being concave. Rest assured that the tension of the strings will pull the soundboard into an arch as soon as the guitar is tuned to pitch and that is exactly what should be happening.


Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

Jan 24, 10 | 8:20 am

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