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1st kit slope dreadnaught
Woody O'Keefe

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My first John Hall kit is finished. Just put strings on today.I need to do a set up so action is high. The sustain is great and the tone is wonderful. This has been an unbelievable emotional roller-coaster ride.

Black Walnut B&S
Red Spruce top
Rosewood binding
Martin Dreadnaught bracing
Martin short scale 24.9

Jan 23, 10 | 3:08 pm
Woody O'Keefe

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I'm trying to get pictures uploaded from Photobucket!! Please be patient.


Jan 23, 10 | 3:13 pm

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Very nice, Woody. I love the front especially - I like those lines. What kind of finish process did you use? What wood on the neck?

Jan 23, 10 | 5:04 pm
Ken C

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Congrats Woody! Looks nice! Hopefully that emotional roller coaster left you on a high!


Jan 23, 10 | 6:01 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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I think she turned out great. Looks like really nice wood too.
So are you feeling up to #2?


Jan 23, 10 | 7:00 pm
Bill Cory

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Looks Good Woody! Are you gonna use it for your gigs and CDs too?


Jan 24, 10 | 4:53 am
Woody O'Keefe

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Thanks for the complements guys.

Bob, The finish is wipe on Shellac with Minwax finish wax that's all. The neck is mahogany with walnut stain then shellac and wax. I didn't intentionally fill the pores but sanded the shellac back so many times if almost feels filled.

Yes Ken C, I'm still on a high.

Kevin, #2 already set with LMII kit wizard. I'm hooked.

Bill, I,m happy with the sound. Plenty of bass and it rings too. After I set it up I'll record some and post it. You bet I'm going to use it for gigs although right now the b string intonation is a bit sharp. I can fix that.

Thanks again,

On to #2...


Jan 24, 10 | 8:15 am

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Thats looks pretty nice! How about some close ups?

Jan 24, 10 | 4:59 pm
Ken Hundley

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Nice job! Can't wait to hear it!

Jan 25, 10 | 9:07 am
Woody O'Keefe

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Here are a few more shots. I finished the setup and I'm working on the mp3 now.


Feb 10, 10 | 1:57 pm
Charles Kuo

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Great job, Woody. Congrats.


Feb 12, 10 | 10:34 am

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Woody, nice looking guitar......and I just listened to the MP3 you posted and it sounded WONDERFUL!!! First black walnut guitar I've listened to it sounds great.

Feb 21, 10 | 6:51 pm

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Just noticed it also had a red spruce top.......that must account for some of that great tone I heard.

Feb 21, 10 | 6:51 pm
Woody O'Keefe

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Thanks for the kind words gentlemen,

St Patrick's Day is coming up and I do 3 to 4 gigs in 2 days. I compared my new Walnut guitar to my old D-28 and put the D-28 away. Like Bill Cory said you may like this guitar more than any other. He was right.

Thanks again


Feb 23, 10 | 7:23 am

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