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If You Don't Have a Radius Dish...........

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........and want something quick and easy, you might try something like this. Total credit to Alan Caruth for this idea.

Al's Post on MIMF

Jan 23, 10 | 7:54 am

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Scroll down to post number 43 and you will see the picture.

Jan 23, 10 | 7:55 am
Bill Cory

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That's just about identical the the sticks in my Martin manual. The sticks Alan uses are adjustable, though, and that's an excellent innovation. Ken Cierp also offers sticks, but, like mine, his aren't adjustable either.


Jan 23, 10 | 9:01 am

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Yeah, adjustable.......and the straight cut results in a radius so it's a little easier to make. Drill 2 holes and cut a straight line with your band saw or table saw and you are ready for top and back radius sanding.

Jan 23, 10 | 9:32 am

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