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Deep Body 000 Kit

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I've seen a couple of these kits built in the "Show it off" Forum. Does anyone know who sells this style kit?

Jan 21, 10 | 7:01 am
Ken Cierp

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Both of the Forum sponsors offer that body style -- just click on the home page links.


Kenneth Michael Guitars est.1978

Jan 21, 10 | 7:24 am

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I just sent a email maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but I didn't see any kits on your ebay store.

Jan 21, 10 | 9:53 am

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Hey, Missed, good to see you over here from the other place LOL.

My OM 12 string is a deep body and is from John Hall. one of the forum sponsors. You can also spec your sides any depth you want from LMI, which is what I did when I built my deep bodied 000 sized long scale 12 string. Ken obviously can also supply it.

Jan 21, 10 | 1:35 pm
Ken Cierp

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I guess its not clear since we don't have pricing on the KMG website but "to all" the EBay store is just a service and for marketing (some people like it -some people hate it) --- we do far more business direct, most time we can save you a few bucks -- so do not hesitate to contact us before you bid on something.

Also, like LMII our kits are packaged to order and sides are bent to specs right here in Michigan, so if its a special body depth you have in mind, if its with in reason we can help you out.


Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

Jan 21, 10 | 2:34 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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We have them at blues creek guitars also and like Ken we do custom.
John Hall
Blues Creek Guitars Inc.
Authorized CF Martin Repair Center

Jan 22, 10 | 8:24 am

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Made it past the toughest part of the project, the Fiancee negotiation! Kit is ordered, now I got three weeks to read up on how to put this thing together!

Feb 09, 10 | 6:10 am

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Fiance negotiations can be toughr than Wife negotiations because you have a wedding to pay for. Us married guys only have mortgages, kids, school...wiat a second..Wives might be tougher. Plus you just buttered up the fiance with a ring.

Feb 11, 10 | 6:20 pm

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