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Sound clip Stewart-MacDonald Dreadnought

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Ok, I finally found some time to record two sound samples of my Stewart-MacDonald Dreadnought kit guitar:

Fingerstyle sample

Rhythm sample

Both are recorded with neutral EQ settings and a Rode NT3 microphone. Of course microphone positioning makes quite some difference as well.

When directed at the 'cross' between neck and body you get a thinner, trebly sound, suited for mixing in a complete recording with other instruments, but I found I got a fuller sound for fingerstyle when I directed the microphone between the soundhole and the bridge.

Jan 21, 10 | 4:51 am
Bill Cory

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Sounds great Laurent! Are you happy with it? How does it compare with your other axes?

Jan 21, 10 | 5:34 am

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@Bill: after having played this one for the first time I tried the Crafter GAE-30 that I have again, and it was almost as if that was a solid body guitar, so little sound seemed to come out of it in comparison!

I'm very happy with it. It's not perfect, the low E-string doesn't have that much sustain, but then again almost every guitar has something like that. Maybe freeing up the nut slot will help a bit.
It's playable right now, but I think that can still be optimized a bit more.

Jan 21, 10 | 9:20 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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When I click on Laurents sound clip links, it just takes me back the Forum home page? Any idea whats happening? Both on my home, and work computers.


Jan 21, 10 | 9:25 am

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@Kevin: Hey, that's strange! (I noticed that my link to this post in the Building Priocedures forum doesn't work anymore either)

Here are the links once more (I'll just put in the links expilicitly):

Jan 21, 10 | 11:53 am

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Laurent, it really sounds good. Gawd, I hope mine is close to that when finished!
Well done.

Jan 21, 10 | 4:20 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Got it Laurent,
Yes, your guitar has really nice tone, beautiful highs.
Nice. Thanks for sharing.


Jan 21, 10 | 6:30 pm

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@Naccoachbob: I was pleasantly surprised by its sound, although of course I had hoped it would sound something like this.

It must be for a large part due to the well prepared parts of Stewart-MacDonald, I would say. I of course tried to put it together as well as I could, but I can't imagine that it was that that made this guitar sound so good :-)

@Kevin: I have the impression that those highs came in only after a few days, it sounded darker the first couple of days, I believe.

Jan 22, 10 | 12:45 am
Charles Kuo

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Hi Laurent,

Sounds so good. congrats.


Feb 17, 10 | 9:26 am

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