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Finished Trimming the Headstock to Shape Tonight

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The neck in my OM kit from John Hall came from Hannalei-Moon. It's a beautiful mahogany neck and I highly recommend Chris.

I wanted a traditional Martin shaped headstock......even though this neck has a smilee volute. I made a template using UHMW but it sure is difficult to measure and mark the lines the template is less than perfect. Here is a shot of the template (I may later add tuner holes):

I used the template to mark trim lines on the back of my headstock and was able to use the table saw to make the trim cuts. This is intimidating since the taper of the headstock has the blade cutting toward the neck. In the end I trimmed it close then sanded the last 30 thousandths or so as the fence on my table saw isn't that great to make a fine adjustment.

So are you curious what a Martin headstock looks like with a smilee volute??? Here are pictures:

Jan 20, 10 | 8:26 pm

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Oh, here is something that worked out nice for sanding the sides of the headstock. From my days building radio control airplanes I had an aluminum sander that is 12" long and shaped like T bar. The width where you would normally place sandpaper is roughly 3" wide and the "T" part of the sander that you would normally hold is roughly 3/4" tall.

I placed 80 grit sandpaper on one side of the 3/4" handle and 150g sandpaper on the other side. When you turn the sander upside down you have a 1.5" (roughly half of the 3" sanding surface) flat section to run along the face of the headstock so you can sand at a perfect 90 deg angle. The 80g sanded fairly quick and I finished off with the 150g.

A question, should I glue the rosewood veneer on the face before rounding the top corners of the headstock?

Jan 20, 10 | 8:35 pm
Bill Cory

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I would glue the veneer on. It'd be easier to shape the wood and veneer perfectly that way. my 2.

Jan 21, 10 | 5:31 am

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I like your thinking Bill......I'll try that order.

Jan 21, 10 | 3:02 pm

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Gluing before shaping is better. Some veneers lift up a bit on the edges. And when you shape after that you'll trim the "loose" ends off and the veneer looks tighter.
2ct from here.

Jan 22, 10 | 9:32 am

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