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Brace-end notches. Thanks Bill!

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I did my brace-end notches over the weekend. I followed Bill's method of using a sanding block from his Building Kit Acoustic Guitars book, and they turned out perfect.

The block with a .10" groove, used to sand the brace ends and then to set the depth of the router.

I used my laminate trimmer to rout the notch, but wanted to just rout the kerfing and leave the sides. So I used my high-speed inlay tool to trim.

Here is one of the notches.

And the fit.

I'm an experienced woodworker, but this is my first guitar. This method made this step easy!

Jan 19, 10 | 3:57 pm
Bill Cory

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Hey MM -- I'm glad it worked. It works for me too. I can't take credit; I got the idea somewhere else, done slightly differently.

Beautiful job! I like your other woodworking too.


Jan 19, 10 | 4:17 pm

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dang... that is one tight fit. got room for glue in there? :)

Jan 20, 10 | 4:49 am

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